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In Aloria, Afflictions are ailments of an exile’s soul. They tend to cause bizarre and irreversible alterations to the afflicted person's physical appearance or to their natural abilities and behaviors. Afflictions are permanent at this time, as there are no known cures for them. The exception to this is during season wipes. When we wipe the server to release a new season all progress resets including your affliction. You are free to take the same affliction in the new season, a different one, or none at all.


Afflictions are divided into three types. A Main Affliction, Sub Affliction, and a Blessing. It is very important to note that you may only have ONE AFFLICTION OF EACH TYPE PER ACCOUNT! This means your main character and alt character may share afflictions, or one may be afflicted while the other is not. Once you have chosen to accept an affliction quest it cannot be reversed even if you have not completed the quest previously, so please choose wisely. 

All afflictions must be obtained by completing quests for NPCs found within the Realm. As of season 8 we have added a thespian that sells affliction items for pippi gold. They may also be farmed in the world via our admin created (non-eewa) world bosses, and loot spawner chests. 





Also known as a Primary or Major affliction. 

Choose: 1 of 5

Location: /warp welcome


Blessing of the gods or other higher powers.

Choose: 1 of 2

Location: /warp portal and /warp bazaar


An additional cosmetic mutation to your character.

Choose: 1 of 14

Location: /warp welcome


Blessing of the gods or other higher powers.

Choose: 1 of 28

Location: /warp portal and /warp bazaar


Astral Projector

Astral projection allows the practitioner to have an out of body experience, separating their soul from their physical body, which is left behind vulnerable in the world. This most commonly occurs after a period of meditation, and occasionally as a result of blunt force trauma to the host's physical form.


While in their spirit form the projector has the ability to fly even if their default race cannot. They also receive a +2 to any stealth rolls because of their translucent appearance. This is on top of any applied bonus from their roleplay stats. (This additional bonus must be applied manually at the time of the roll taking place). 


To see a person in astral form it is your Perception roll vs the projectors Stealth roll. The highest roll determines the outcome. The projector may negate these rolls if they wish to be seen. 


Entering one's spirit form renders the user unable to interact physically with objects and people around them. They cannot move through objects, people, or walls, only through unoccupied space. Though they can be seen and even spoken to. 


When Astral Projection takes place you must leave you "Body" behind. This should be done with a corpse decor item, with a pippi note placed on it noting who the host body belongs to by describing their appearance, and including their name for players who may know the character when they stumble upon them. (See example below) It is recommended that your body be left somewhere safe and secluded, or under guard of another conscious player. Once you leave your body behind it becomes vulnerable to attack.


To attack a physical form of an unguarded disembodied astral projector you must find where the corpse is hidden, then DM the player to have them witness your roll. Because this roll is not contested by a counter roll, you use the pippi command /roll 1d20 with no bonuses. The host soul would know they are under attack and would return to their body immediately to protect it.


1-5 - Attack fails, attacker takes 10 residual spirit blast damage as the host returns to body.

6-10 - Attack fails, host returns to body.

11-15 - Attack successful, host takes 10 hp damage and returns to body.

16-20 - Attack Successful, host dies and loses 1 roleplay life and respawns at /warp portal with no knowledge of how their death occurred.


If the astral projectors body is guarded the guarding player may choose to defend the body, in which case normal PVP rules apply. You would need to defeat the guard before attacking the body.


"On the ground lies the form of a dark haired tiefling woman, with red skin, and brown eyes who appears to be unconscious and unable to be stirred. If you have met "Insert name here" then you would know the body to belong to them, if you have not it would appear to be the body of a stranger. It is unclear what happened to them.”

ROLEPLAY ABILITY: Inner Peace - Astral projector practices careful control over their emotions. After a successful Willpower vs Intimidation roll, the afflicted one is able to maintain their current composure.
STATS:  +2 Willpower +1 Investigation +1 Stealth

Gender Bender

The Gender Bender affliction was created by mages long ago who wished nothing more than to create a more fluid and dynamic state of existence. It is one of the few afflictions that is viewed as more of a gift than a curse. Bringing a Body Mage a Soul Essence and allowing them to use their Body Magic to infuse it into your own body will grant you the ability to change your gender from your current gender, to any other gender you so choose -- usually at will. 


The procedure is a bit painful, and causes you to feel stretched, and squished beyond natural physical capacity. Some say the burning and tearing is agonizing, but others say its really not so bad.  Regardless of your individual pain tollerance, it will feel as if your entire body has been rearranged, both at the time of your initial ceremony, and every time you shift thereafter. In rare occurrences this shift happens during sleep, and memories of the pain take on the form of night terrors, leaving the newly shifted gender bender to wake up in a state of confusion, usually covered in their own sweat.


Your gender will change when you choose to do so, but most of your appearance will appear the same (Hair style and color, skin tone, muscle tone, height, warpaint, ect). Your stature, and physical appearance may be altered, (for example when shifting from male to female your body may be slimmer, curvier, and more feminine) as well as your reproductive organs. In races where there is a height difference between males and females of the species, such as with the Anu, height may also change during the shift but this is uncommon.


 In rare occurrences, your eyes may change color from their natural color to the color of your host souls, in even rarer occurrences only one eye will change. This is completely natural and nothing to worry about and will usually revert back to normal when you shift back to your original gender. 


 Another side effect of having your soul infused with someone elses is that you may experience side effects, such as strange dreams, memories that are not your own, and an occasional voice in your head. This voice is believed to belong to the host soul.  Usually these symptoms are very mild, but when the infused soul is too strong, the host will end up essentially sharing their body with the other soul. At this time the soul may attempt to take over when you choose to shift from your gender to the host soul's gender. This usually only happens when your host soul was a different gender than your own and has especially strong spirit energies. 


In the event of Gender Possession please note the following: While the infused soul is in control of your body, you will be aware of everything happening to and around your own body, and may choose to communicate with the other soul, though they may ignore you. If your soul is weaker than the infused souls, you will not be able to regain control of your own body until they choose to release it to you. 


Some souls are amiable, others violently aggressive, so take care when choosing a host soul to infuse with.  The weaker the soul you choose to infuse with, the less side effects you will have, and the harder, and more painful your transformation will be. Transforming with a stronger soul will be much quicker, and therefore less painful. 


The way this affliction is played is up to the roleplayer. You may choose if you have been infused with a strong or weak soul, whether that soul has any control over you, your body or mind and the terms of your shifting. Do you change gender at will? Did your spell get borked leaving you to occasionally wake up a different gender than the night before? Is shifting excruciatingly painful, or more comparable to common back pain? The choice is yours. You are also not limited to the number of genders you embody. 

ROLEPLAY ABILITY: Allude - Gender bender casts a charm to prevent a single person from realizing they are in an altered form for the duration of the scene with a successful Persuasion vs Willpower check.

STATS:  +2 Persuasion +2 Performance



A Lich is a powerful necrotic mage who has mastered death and immortality simultaneously through extensive effort and personal trial. During a dark magic ritual called the Ritual of Endless Night, which usually involves sacrificing the Soul Essence of an innocent, their soul is ripped from their mortal form in an excruciating process of reincarnation. 


After the soul has left the body it must be immediately placed into an object known as a Phylactery or the person attempting the spell would die. Once it is removed the soul becomes an Essence of Corruption and must be placed in its Phylactery and protected at all times. The Phylactery is always kept on the Liches body to best protect it. A Lich would never leave their Phylactery somewhere where they are not, and would protect it at all costs. The Phylactery can be any object that their Essence of Corruption may be stored in, most often kept in lockets, crystals and ornate wooden boxes. 


Once the ritual is complete the liches' true form begins to decay until little more than rotted flesh hangs from their brittle bones. To hide this, the Lich places themselves under a disillusionment charm, allowing their form to appear as it had before their transformation. Their disillusioned form, known as their Phantom Form also becomes branded with the mark of the Lich, a small runic symbol of old that glows blue on their inner left wrist, and on occasion their eyes will glow in a similar blue hue. It is their true form, the form of death that is a gruesome sight to behold but if seen on its own with no explanation it may be mistaken for a zombie, or other lesser undead being. 


The lich consumes the flesh and energy of their victims. This fuels them to continue their existence during their time in the world of the living.Though not necessary for survival, a well fed Lich is much more powerful than a starving Lich. 


Mortals who find themselves in the presence of a Lich who are attuned with their minds eye may feel an aura of fear around them causing chills, gooseflesh, unexplained shaking, and feelings of unhappiness and fear. A Liches lifeless body feels no pain nor fear, though will often feign both to further their illusion of mortality and to protect themselves. During the day a Liches powers will weaken, leaving them with a feeling of extreme fatigue if met by the sun's direct contact. This leaves most to hide away in the shadows of the world until nights embrace.


 To identify a Lich you may roll a perception check, and if greater than the Liches Willpower check this is considered a successful identification, either by seeing their marked wrist, or by catching a glimpse of their undead form during their illusion. This check may only be done once per day per character you are attempting to identify. Once you have identified a lich, they must be weakened in battle and dismembered to the point of death, their Phylactery stolen from the remains of their body. 


Any Phylactery may be destroyed by tossing it into the heart of a volcano, in result permanently killing the Lich it is bound to. The volcano's center is a representation of returning the Lich to the chaos from which it was formed. If you have not identified a Lich successfully but have defeated a Lich in battle (known or otherwise) , no matter how their body is destroyed, buried, or disposed of, it will reform and return to walk the world once more. Due to their unusual circumstances of balanced mortality and immortality a Lich has only one life.

ROLEPLAY ABILITY: Toxic Presence - Lich absorbs some of the positive emotional energies from nearby targets, gaining an advantage after a successful Intimidation vs Willpower check.

STATS:  +2 Intimidation +2 Deception



To become a werewolf you must complete the in-game affliction quest with the Alpha Werewolf npc, however you may roleplay it as being changed by a member of your own wolf pack. Any member of a pack can change others via biting them (they must OOCly consent to the change, cannot have any other affliction, and will still be required to complete the quests for rank and cosmetics). If they do not wish to be changed it is recommended to roleplay finding a cure for the bite. 


Forming a pack can be done by living in close quarters with other werewolves for an extended duration of time. Werewolves shifted with their pack of three or more werewolves receive a +1 to their attack and defense rolls. (This bonus does not stack.) It is also safer for a werewolf to be in a pack for personal protection as they are commonly hunted for their afflictions. It is common for werewolves to form packs with wolf shifters, a wolf shifter player will also count towards this bonus. Wolf thralls will not, and would only apply a standard thrall bonus.


While in Werewolf form you have night vision, the desire to hunt, and to run free.  When not in werewolf form it may be hard to tell you are a werewolf, some signs include sharp nails and hair that grows unnaturally long and fast even if you have been bald your whole life. Without expectational hygiene you will have breath pungent with the putrid smell of last night's kill. Otherwise you maintain most of your original races appearances. 


While not naturally driven to kill people specifically, a werewolf will hunt and eat any living thing in its path while in werewolf form unless there is a strong emotional bond to that person. Werewolves are unique in the fact that they find love through imprint, which does not always happen within their own pack. An imprinted werewolf loves their partner fiercely, and would die for them, or kill for them if threatened.

If a vampire were to bite a werewolf, or vice versa, the biter would grow ill as their bloods are considered poison to one another. They do not die from this, but are greatly weakened for several days after. Werewolves may only be killed with a silver weapon, and have only one life. They also have a natural aversion to fire. Werewolf syndrome is a permanent affliction. Like other afflictions it cannot be reversed or cured. 

TO SHIFT: Each night cycle if you are outdoors (not in a building with a ceiling) when in roleplay  a willpower check should be rolled. A 10 or higher and you successfully avoid shifting if you choose to. If you wish to change because it is night time you may negate this roll. You do not have to shift if you are indoors. You may also choose to shift during the day or while indoors if you are angered or endangered. Roleplay appropriate reasons for successfully not changing are open to interpretation but some examples are: a practiced or mature werewolf who is strong enough to resist the change, a potion that when consumed helps to avoid the change, not being directly exposed to moonlight because of heavy tree coverage, ect. 

ROLEPLAY ABILITY: Growl - Using a Intimidation vs Willpower check, you can summon your inner beast to let out a fear inducing growl to scare others away!

STATS:  +2 Tracking +1 Stealth +1 Intimidation


A curse of blood lust among the undead. This affliction of the body causes the person cursed with vampirism to need and desire the consumption of mortal blood. Blood not only sustains their live force, but consuming blood is considered a pleasurable act.


The blood of fae races such as nymphs, fairies, and elves, or other magical bloodlines such as Jinn or Sorcerers act as a particularly strong aphrodisiac. They often seek company from beings with this kind of blood, taking them as companions to feed from. Even the smell of a magical beings blood is enchanting to a vampire. They will pay highly for bottled variants of it when a fresher option cannot be had. A vampires "wine cellar" would consist of bottled varieties of the blood of many races, and perhaps a few bottles or ordinary wine to offer their mortal victims and companions.


They act in a manner so naturally seductive few can resist them. Their victems most often times give their blood to the Vampire willingly. When all else fails they use charismatic acts of persuasion, seduction, and intimidation as their means to an end.  (Acts of persuasion ect. require rp dice checks, victem must be allowed to counter roll. Highest number wins the outcome)

Feeding alone from an individual will not create a fledgling vampire, they must be created by another vampire.  ICly you may say you have been made a vampire by another player, or some other non player entity. In order to officially become a vampire and receive your cosmetics you will need to complete the quest.


As a vampire you have vulnerabilities to garlic and sunlight, both of which cause your skin to blister and smoke which cause discomfort but are not life threatening. This can be combatted by wearing clothing that blocks your skins contact with direct sunlight. You also cannot be seen in mirrors and your skin will become the palest shade of its natural color. While gaining the ability to see in the dark in addition to grow sharp pointed fangs. They may be retracted when desired but this becomes harder to do when hungry, or suffering from strong emotions such as anger or lust.

Vampires are technically the dead reanimated, because of this as a vampire you are no longer required to breathe, but many will still do so out of habit or in attempts to better fit in with the mortals around them. You do not need food, but going too long without blood will kill you. Because they are dead Vampires have only one life after acquiring this affliction regardless of how many lives you had before, but you can only be killed through starvation or a wooden stake through the heart. Like all afflictions, vampirism is permanent and cannot be cured or otherwise reversed.

ROLEPLAY ABILITY: Stare - Entrances the target player to focus on the Vampire giving the target player with a Deception vs Perception check for the duration of the scene.

STATS:  +2 Intimidation +2 Deception



A mutation represents a character that for some reason displays a physical characteristic that is outside of the ordinary appearance of their chosen race(s). Examples of this would be; an elf with horns, an orc with wings, a halfling with hooves, ect. To help players better achieve this the Mutations - Sub affliction was released with a selection of additional cosmetics for your character.

A wide variety of mutations from scales and stoneskin, to horns and ears can be obtained simply by selecting your desired option. Their is no quest required to obtain your mutation. 


Each player may choose 1 one of these cosmetics when wishing to display a physical feature that their race typically would not have. Selections are predetermined and are not guaranteed to be updated - meaning that while you are free to request additions to this sub afflictions like with all suggestions not all will be added to this list. At this time the script for this sub affliction is considered finished.

The main reason characters in Aloria are mutated is from exposure to the Divine Rift at the end of Season Six. See Realm Lore - Seventh Era for more information on the Divine Rift. It is also okay to have your own in character reasons for the mutation if you wish to instead. Perhaps your race was called something else in your home realm, or your simply an elf who was born with horns. The choice is yours. This sub affliction obtains no rp benefits, it is purely cosmetics.


Celestial Blessed

**This blessing has been updated for season 10, all cosmetic options are now selectable without quest, and there are Roleplay redux bonus's for each selectable on your roleplay redux sheet.**


The Realm of Aloria was created by four patron deities. In order of eldest to youngest they are Nethros, God of War and Chaos, Xobia Goddess of Wisdom and Judgement, Dothamon God of Secrets and Wisdom, and Mahtyana Goddess of Love and Empathy. Together they make the Divine Four, sometimes also referred to as the Creators. 


It is said that mortals may receive a deity's blessing by presenting their patron god with an offering that is symbolic to them. Nethros seeks a Human Bone, Xobia seeks the Scrying Orb, Dothamon seeks a Soul Essence, and Mahtyana seeks nothing but a simple Pink Stone.


In a world that has all but forsaken the gods after being plagued by their divine quarrels, it is uncommon for a mortal to seek out the blessing of the divines. In short, because of everything the people of Aloria have gone through due to the whims of the Gods, worshipping any one of them remains somewhat of a taboo. This has led Aloria to be a 'Godless' Realm, despite the presence of so many divine entities. 


In compensation for presenting a deity with the proper offering, a Celestial Blessed mortal will be given two gifts. First a physical manifestation, such as wings, antlers, or a divine glow. Second they will be given a minor ability, ranging from the ability to see auras, heat resistance, or night vision. (dice rolls apply - see affliction npc to receive your specific ability).


All gifts of the Divine Four are RANDOMIZED. You have no say over which blessing will be bestowed upon your character. The gods care little for the wishes of mortals, and a mortal should be considered lucky to be acknowledged at all. Someone who has pledged themselves to their chosen patron god or goddess will be considered bonded to them, and will be more likely to live by or spread the beliefs of that specific entity. 


Beyond the physical manifestation of your blessing you tend to retain your normal physical appearances such as skin color and height. Beyond the physical manifestation, and a single unique ability you are no different than any other exile. 


It is important to remember that all afflictions are permanent, and only one may be chosen per season. The only time an affliction can be cured is during season wipes, where all characters and the world is wiped and recreated. It is only suggested that you take a Celestial Blessing if you are okay with having your character affected in a completely randomized way. Surrender control, gain the blessing of the gods. 

Nethros - +1 Strength, +1 Intimidation, -2 Heal
Demurga - +1 Constitution, +1 Perception, -2 Willpower
Dothamon - +1 Profession, +1 History, -1 Perception, -1 Intimidation
Xobia - +1 Wisdom, +1 Perception, -2 Stealth
Mahtyana - +1 Charisma, +1 Heal, -2 Escape Artist
Mother Coral - +1 Dexterity, +1 Willpower, -1 Deception, -1 Perception
Siduris - +1 Intelligence, +1 Deception, -1 Nature, -1 Religion

Void Touched

Even the gods themselves have creators, and so is the case in Aloria. While the Realm of Aloria was created by a collection of divines, the divines themselves owe their own creation to the void beast Shobek.

Shobek is an ancient elderitch horror of the Void who is believed to be the oldest being in all of existence. It is his spark of life that allowed for the birth of each of the realms gods, and only by his hands that they even held the power to create at all. By the same hand that gives existence it can also be taken, and it is believed that all realms will eventually be consumed once more by the God of the Void. 

Followers of Shobek are known as Voidlings, but those most pledged to the cause may also become Void Touched. Void Touched are marked to be reunited in the holy body of Shobek after he consumes the realm and returns it to the void from which it came.  Those who do not pledge themselves to shobek will be damned to have their very existence destroyed, not even their soul will remain. 

It is the belief of Void Touched beings that existence is a gift, the greatest gift that can be offered. They do not fear this gifts expiration, returning willingly to Shobek and the embrace of the void. In reward for their pledge to the dark lord they receive a dark manifestation in the form of monster-like transmog or some other horrifying cosmetic boon. These generally can be displayed at will, appearing only when the void touched being wishes them to. They are used to frighten and torment mortals of the realms in which the Void Touched lurk.

While some of the Void Touched stand by idly waiting for the world to end others will use their own influences to spread their beliefs and recruit others to their ranks, promising life after end times. Instead of having their souls lost to the void their essence unites with the unholy flesh of Shobek, becoming a part of the dark lords collective voice to be reshaped in later times as a being of the void (shadowfiends, batlings, ect). 

Shape Shifter

Animal Shifters, or Shape-Shifters are beings who possess the ability to transform at will into a unique animal form. This should not be confused with another type of shifter, that of the Gender Bender affliction, who can shift their gender at will. Unlike a gender bender, an Animal Shifter's gender will usually remain the same as their original gender when shifting into their animal form, and unlike main afflictions (which shapeshifters were previously) this is now a standalone affliction that may be taken in addition to any other affliction. 


The ability to shift into an animal, sometimes called a spirit animal, is most often gained through careful study and preparation with a shaman, who may ask for specific supplies to aid in your first transformation. Typically they will ask for a Talisman as talismans are usually embedded with powers of protection and good fortune. However it is also possible to be born with the gift of shapeshifting.


The presence of this object in the ritual allows the would-be-shifter to best attune with their true spirit animal. If the Talisman is damaged before use, or instilled with negative powers instead of positive ones, the shifter-to-be will usually take on the animal form of the last animal they saw. Unfortunately because each shifter gets only one animal form, this is irreversible and would prevent the shifter from ever attuning with their true spirit guide.  Therefor careful concentration is advised when attuning with your spirit animal.


Even if you wind up with the wrong animal form it is not possible to attune yourself with your new form and reap the benefits of its powers. Furthermore if you wish to pick your shifter, knowing an animal's specific traits and concentrating on them may assist you in achieving your desired form. For example a fox is known for its cunning, a bear for its strength, a sabertooth for its perseverance, the deer for its grace, a lion for its pride, and a rabbit for its speed. 


While in your animal form you are indistinguishable from any other animal, save for your eyes which may appear oddly intelligent for an animal. Most walk away with complete control over their transformations, while others may struggle and find themselves shifting at random, it depends on the individual. 


Being a shifter changes nothing about your physical appearance while not in animal form. Your original form remains unchanged displaying no animal-like characteristics of any kind - though animal traits can sometimes be gained through the mutations sub affliction which can be combined with the Shapeshifter 


Affliction. Like all other afflictions, the outcome of becoming a shifter is permanent, and cannot be cured or otherwise reversed during an active season. If you wish to change your affliction you must wait for a season transitions. (Season wipes)


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