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Roleplay Class List

Welcome to the Realm of Aloria class list! This page offers a variety of selectable classes to help you further define and imagine your character.  Our aim is to provide a diverse range of classes that help you, our community, live out your roleplay fantasy in a way that allows creative freedom while still being true to the ever-expanding lore of the universe that is the Realm of Aloria. Some classes follow traditional ideas of tabletop/rpg classes, while others have been altered and reimagined to better reflect the world they exist in. It is okay to call your character by a different class name then their officialized name for that class while in character if that better fits your character. (For example, calling a Spellweaver a witch ICly, or a Shaman a Priestess)

Please note we are currently undergoing a complete overhaul to our Roleplay Redux system and some future planned content for classes has not yet been included on this page. In their current form, classes are cosmetic but this will change in future updates to our RR system. ​Stay tuned for what's to come!

Currently this page reflects the in game short descriptions of each class as well as suggested alternative names to use ICly, if the provided official class name doesn't suit your character perfectly on an IC level. Our plans for the future are to add player submitted screenshots of each class to this page, attribute bonus's, skills, and long descriptions (that exceed the in game character limit for RR descriptions). 

One of the biggest changes regarding our classes came to magic based classes. Classes such as sorcerer, wizard, and warlock have been replaced with classes that more accurately reflect mechanics of the realm and how magic would be obtainable to these classes. It is totally fine to continue to call your character a wizard if you prefer such terminology.

Classes may be subject to alterations and additions in the future. 


Barbarians are a traditionally hot-tempered breed of warriors, for what they lack in level headedness they make up for with sheer barbaric strength. They are often the first to rush into battle, and are occasionally the cause of the battle itself. They harness raw, unbridled emotion for power, often that power stems from rage, but sometimes also from their passion for the fight itself.

ALT NAMES: Bezerker, Ravager, Savage


Deeply rooted within the lineage of the bloodborn is the ability to perform taboo magics; magic born of blood itself using both their own life essence, and the essences of their foes. Though misunderstood they are sworn enemies to monsters and lust for the killing of such beings. They hold no true allegiances but will fight alongside any who calls a monster their enemy.

ALT NAMES: Hemocrafter, Blood Mage, Blood Hunter


Bards are trained in the arts of music & performance, telling stories by way of stunning speechcraft to earn their beds and meals. They are desired guests in any tavern as their talents are often considered a magic of their own bringing joy to any establishment they visit. In combat it is through their music that they aid their party members, providing boons to the attacks of their companions.

ALT NAMES: Gleeman, Minstrel, Muse


Citizens are not proficient in any traditional forms of combat and will often only fight as a last resort, choosing instead to flee when in the face of battle. For what they lack in combat prowess they make up for in domestic skills such as homesteading and craftsmanship. They often benefit from traveling in the company with those who possess more skill in combat than they themselves are capable of.

ALT NAMES: Denizen, Civilian, Villager, Townsfolk


Holy Warrior. Divine Healer. Defender of Faith. Crusaders are stalwart warriors, empowered by the might and magic of an Alorian Divine and channeled by their concordance to their faith and oath. They can be found: smiting their enemies, healing themselves and others, and casting divinations to beseech their Divine for aid.

Alt Names: Cleric, Paladin, Zealot


Lovers of nature druids wield elemental powers to bend forces of nature to their will but will typically only use these powers to aid and protect their land and loved ones. They are protectors of forests and wildlife and are commonly found to have their own animal form, allowing them to become one with the natural world. They find enemies in any being who would seek to disturb nature or its creatures.

Alt Names: Beast Master, Skinwalker


Bodyguards. Sentinels. Protectors of others. Guardians wade into the thick of it and absorb brutal punishment to protect their comrades in arms or defend their sword ward. Through their sheer force of iron will, they hold the line against all opponents, and their stamina allows them to weather almost any storm.

Alt Names: Shield Hero, Sentinel, Guard


Necromancers are spellcasters who specialize in the black arts. Trained in dark magics their powers are derived directly from the Realm of Lost Souls harvested to hold power over life and death itself by way of reanimating corpses long sense past. They are proficient in spellcasting, and will typically send their reanimated minions to battle in their stead.

Alt Names: Death Mage, Reaper


Monks are well trained in physical arts, using mind and body to enhance their combat prowess. Typically, they are slow to take up arms unless it is in defense of themselves or the innocent. A monk typically comes from a monastery, where they live communally and in seclusion with their own kind for many years during training. They tend towards proficiency in unarmed combat, or with polearms.

Alt Names: Fighter, Somatic, Martial Artist


Psions possess exceptional mental fortitude, and honed senses. Aptitude of mind creates an almost paranormal effect causing their surrounding energies to become visible and tangible. Their powerful attacks harness higher powers of self to deal devastating blows when wielded through blade or any weapon they are proficient in and they are capable of building mental walls to conceal themselves within.

Alt Names: Medium, Telekineticist, Poltergeist


Quick footed and cunning, the watchful ranger makes their home in nature often far away from the company of others. Traditionally loners, they are resourceful in situations that require surviving the elements easily living off the land by way of hunting, fishing, foraging, and trapping. Typically, their favored weapons are bows or daggers. You will often feel their weapon before seeing a ranger.

Alt Names: Warden, Hunter, Scout


Rogues depend heavily on stealth and cunning to hide and avoid danger. Their abilities to sneak through the shadows and slip away from a battle makes them difficult to track down, let alone defeat in combat. Their secretive lifestyles often lead them towards questionable paths of thievery, piracy and even assassination. Trust in a rogue is often poorly placed.

Alt Names: Thief, Assassin, Ninja


Shaman's wield magic of the mind, often by aid of ritual, hallucinogenic substances and chanting. They possess awareness to the weaving of world patterns and use these knowledges to heal and protect their peoples. They have great respect for nature, and natural order, and are extremely loyal to those of their tribes. Knowledge of herbal remedies make them proficient healers.

Alt Names: Witch Doctor, Medicine Man, Healer, Priestess, Mundunugu


Voidweavers are envokers of the Void and its deities, wielding magical prowess pulled from the void itself. They are aligned with chaos and destruction on a grand scale, using their forces to consume and destroy beings and the world around them. They have little care of others, or for the imbalance wielding void powers creates in a natural realm, such as Aloria.

Alt Names: Dark Mage, Shadow Mage, Warlock


Spellweavers harness magical energies from the innate arcane energies of the realm itself, pulling from the energies of the devines, without permission or blessing. It is through the use and development of these powers that they become formidable opponents on the battlefield though for there are trials and tribulations involved in mastering abilities that do not belong to them.

Alt Names: Sorceress, Enchanter, Mage, Conjuror, Wizard, Witch


Sword wielding adventurers who are light on their feat using their blades as an extension of themselves, viewing sword fighting more than necessity but as an artform. They pride themselves on showmanship in every duel, honing in on speed, elegance and charm to add flare to their combat strategies. 

Alt Names: Duelist, Pirate, Pillager


Gladiators. Soldiers of Fortune. Noble Champions. Warriors are diverse and skilled fighters who display prowess on the battlefield. Warriors know that there’s a right tool for every job, a right weapon for every fight. Experts at counters, attacks, and positioning, warriors have learnt how to take and avoid a hit and how to hit back as hard.

Alt Names: Soldier, Man-At-Arms, Serviceman

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