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Race List

 Welcome to the Realm of Aloria's new and improved racial information page! This page contains a list of all Alorian races in ALPHABETICAL ORDER that can be played at this time and an example image of what they may look like. To get started please select a race, and fill out a race-application in the Realm of Aloria discord at We can't wait to meet your character!

You may mix up to two races, but should consider the lore behind those races when choosing your mixtures. For example it does not make sense ICly for a voidkin, or a native alorian race for example to be a mixed race for lore reasons.  All mixed races require an IC explanation of their creation. It is okay to refer to your character as a different race while speaking in character as them, but for your race application and consent sheet you must list their Aloria approved races.

​Please note; Race descriptions on this page and the lore associated with them do not have to be strictly followed down to the most minute details. They are here to serve as an inspiration, not hinderance. It is okay to interpret a race to be different from how they're written here. The races in Aloria now exist together in a purgatory and come from a diverse variety of realms and cultures, their differences being what makes each one special.

Some racial information is compiled in combination with common fantasy racial lore knowledges, and unique alterations to make each race better fit Aloria while other races are completely of our own creation and ideas. All racial lore was written by Mariah unless stated otherwise in a specific races section, in which case the lore would have been written by another former or current staff member of Aloria with final edits by the server owner.

Using these racial descriptions in outside platforms without permission is considered both content theft and plagiarism and will result in a ban from the community and the issuing of a cease and desist warning. Hundreds of hours have been poured into the communities lore and written content. Don't be a theif. If you see our content being used elsewhere, please report it directly to Mariah.


Huge thank you to the community members who contributed images to make this page possible, we couldn't have done it without you! ♥

Racial Types


Beast Kin

Beings who appear to be the creation of the union of animal and humanoids, displaying features that are a mixture of humanoids and beast. Though they appear to be mixed races this is not true in every case.


Beings who owe their existence to that of a creator, such as the gods that create the angelkin, and powerful mages who create golems. They are not born, and have never had the ability to reproduce.

Demon Kin

Fiendish beings who's natural alignment is with chaos and evil, often appearing strange and monstrous in ways that are similar to that of a void kin. Occasionally beings that are demon-like in appearance, but not true demon kin fall under this categorization.


Fae Kin

Kin of the Fae are beings closely tied to nature, the elements,  their powers and forces. Typically fae inhabit lush greenlands or forests to maintain closeness to their natural elements and often display features reflective of their native lands.


Those displaying humanoid features (bipedal, two arms, legs, eyes, one mouth, ect) who do not fit into another more specific category of races. These races usually bare minimal differences from humans.

Void Kin

Often considered more monster than man, what defines a Void kin is its place of origin. All Void Kin come from the great emptiness between worlds in which all creation stems from and appear as horrifying abberations.




Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: 30 | Race Type: Construct | Height: .5-1.5

Racial Lore

Amorphous, gelatinous and translucent. Anyone who had gazed upon one of these peculiar monochromatic beings might refer to them with such terms. Their bodies move in fluid motions and they feel quite jelly-like to the touch, but what exactly is a slime? Its truly hard to say.


Some believe they are simply a slime monster who’s gained enough sentience and sense to imitate a more humanoid form, allowing them to better assimilate into Alorian society. If it walks, talks, and fucks like a person, is it not one? In truth a Slime is a portal being like any other non-native Alorian race but its origins before coming to the Realm are better learned from each slime as an individual as they are as diverse in origin as they are in color.


The fact remains that slimes are primarily solid in color, though the color itself has some amount of transparency. This is because their entire bodies are made of the squishy jellies that comprise them. They have no organs, no need to breath, and how they manage to think at all is one of their greatest mysteries. They also are able to change their size, shape, and gender at will while retaining their initial color. 


While they have the ability to display the physical traits of another race such as by morphing into a horned or hooved being, it is very easy to tell that they are not the being they pretend to bee, as their appendages like the rest of their bodies are monochromatic to the color of their slimes. 


(Additional appendages do not have cosmetics and must be roleplayed or gained via mutation or sub affliction and are not available in the slimes kit. You may also mix with another race, but still call yourself a slime in order to gain additional cosmetics you’d like to use. In this case your race app would include both slime and your subrace for setup purposes.)


Their hues range from any of the rainbow, from red to violet. Only rarely are they known to be black or white, as the lack of, or overabundance of color tends to have an ill effect on their well-being, for this reason slimes of these colors are thought to be sickly though the reason for this ailment is unknown. Water also adversely affects a slime by making the contents of its body thinned and diluted. If left submerged for too long a time, a slime will cease to exist, unable to rejoin all the slimy particles of its body as they spread further and further through the water. An additional ill effect is noted when a slime is in excessively hot or cold climates, as this seems to change the physiology of the race; cold climates make them stiff, though they can’t actually freeze. Adversely hot climates will thin them out, making it hard to keep a solid form. Either extreme can lead to sensory overload and eventual death.


A slime doesn't truly have hair, or a body, but will typically display all characteristics of more humanoid races to create the illusion of having such things. Slimes tend to become hot from intercourse and will typically leave a shiny translucent residue on their partners.


A Slime being can also be consumed, though over consumption of a slime has ill effects to both the eaten one, and the consumer. Still the taste of slime is candy sweet, and has some relation to the color of the slime; the color of the slime tending to match the flavor which are typically fruity.


Typically a slime will wear little to no clothing. If they wear any at all they will require magically enchanted clothing. When wearing regular clothing their bodies will eventually absorb their clothing making it necessary to pry the clothing from their gelatinous insides. This makes naked, or underclothed slimes a common sight.


Elf ears (Any) or Human Ears. Shine applied via the SHIFT + X menu (RA Customization menu)

Race suggested by; Kittelua


Illithid (Mind Flayer)

Racial Size: Large  |Lifespan: 1000+ Years | Race Type: Demonkin| Height: 1.1-1.5

Racial Lore

Of all races that have found their way into Aloria, Illithids (also known as Mind Flayers) are the most decidedly evil of all. These slavers and overlords will never serve or worship beings of any other race, nor do they offer these lesser creatures any sympathy or mercy. Any non-illithid creature or being in the company of an Illithid is considered subservient to them. Those who fail to serve and obey the Mind Flayer without question will be met with the most fatal of consequences.An Illithid does not kill its victims slowly, instead reveling in the sounds of pain-filled screams.


Before their deaths and coming to the realm, they typically would live in colonies of their own kind, serving an Elder Brain. Upon their deaths their brain is harvested and fed to the elder brain via a briny pool in which the Elder Brain resides. Via this method the gray matter and knowledge held within the individual Illithids brain can be absorbed by their leader. To be absorbed by the Elder Brain upon death is considered a great honor. Those who die in a way considered dishonorable among their own kind will not be consumed by their leader, cursed to an ordinary afterlife with lesser beings.

In their past lives they had significant powers of the psychic variety, though like with all powers in Aloria these fade upon their deaths and must be reattuned with. Even after many years of attunement within Aloria, their powers will never compare to those of which they possessed in their lives. However the lack of actual powers does not change their mentality of superiority, and they may try to act more powerful than they in truth are.


Their appearance is somewhat abominable, their large bulbous faces are adorned with tentacles making them appear as if a four legged octopus has eaten their face. Each tentacle on their face helps them to channel their psychic abilities They are also extremely large, towering over many other races, which helps them to literally look down upon others. An Illithids skin tone most commonly ranged from grays, to purples, to pinks, their bodies appearing quite squishy.


A Mind Flayer tends to have notable mental fortitude and willpower. This makes it particularly hard to sway or influence a mind flayers ideas or opinions. Once they have their oversized minds made up there is no amount of logic or reason that will change it. They worship no gods, mistakenly believing themselves to be gods amongst mortals. An Illithid would go into battle with any deity, and firmly believe that they themselves would come out victorious, though this is almost never the case.


Mind Flayers take refuge in shadows and darkness, particularly caves and the underdark. They are the only non voidkin race that has ever been able to stare upon, or step foot into the void without imminent insanity or death as consequence. However, if they manage to find their way into the void, they cannot return to Aloria or any other plane of existence and become stuck within it. 


Illithids must sustain their own lives by the consumption of the brains of other sentient entities. The best defense against an individual, or group of Mind Flayers is to starve them out by denying them this food source. After going too long without eating, they will grow weaker in both mental and physical strength.


Octabrain, Shapeshifting Obsidian Ones No Mask, Mask - Kaulango (Attached), Feral Claws



Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: 1000+ Years | Race Type: Naturekin | Height: .7-1.1

Racial Lore

Dryads are spirits of nature, particularly tree spirits. Originally the term referred only to the spirits of Oak trees, but has since then been adopted to encase a wider, more complete variety of tree spirits. This type of naturekin tends to live within or amongst trees, as like with Nymphs, separation from nature can have an adverse effect on their health, and even lead to their deaths. Though they have many resemblances to Nymphs in both appearance and ideals, they are not in fact the same species.


Though their bodies reflect the appearance of various plants, they are considered more spirit than plant. Myth leads many to believe that they only come in feminimen forms, but masculine varieties of Dryads do exist, albeit rare. It is normal for a Dryad to be slender of frame regardless of their physical gender, or gender identity.


The most significant identifying feature for a Dryad in Aloria are their vine-like appendages, which can come in any number of colors. They typically also sport elf-like ears, and can also display features of sprigs, or nymphs such as wood like horns, or thorn like claws. Most typically a Dryads eyes will glow, with green being the most common color. The more attuned with nature the Dryad is, the brighter the glow of their eyes. Some also possess an ethereal glow radiating from their vary bodies, this is usually representative of a Dryad who has existed for many centuries. It is not uncommon for a Dryad to also be surrounded by enchanted leaves, petals, or nature loving insects.


Dryads are proud defenders of nature and will typically not take kindly to any being who is destructive or disrespectful towards nature and its balance. Their souls in life are bound to a single tree from which they are created. Should this tree die, they too shall perish. This bond has always been broken before entering Aloria, as all Dryads die to enter the realm. However, many will bond to a new tree within Aloria, and will protect it as fiercely as the tree they were born from. It is all too common for a Dryad to die as a direct result of deforestation, be it of natural or man-made causes. 


Dryads are innately magical beings, their powers always being based from nature. The use of any other type of magic by a Dryad is considered blasphemous and will lead to strained relationships amongst their own kind. Their nature magics are usually used to benefit the growth and maintenance of forests, they can help restore dying trees, and help trees and plants to grow very quickly. Their natural affinity for nature also helps them to be skilled herbalists, healers, and potion makers.


A Dryad will most often worship nature gods of the realm they currently inhabit, creating shrines in their honor upon which to leave offerings. The god itself is of little importance to the Dryad, whose main concern is with the nature the god or goddess protects. They are more loyal to nature itself, then any deity of nature. They would never do anything to upset or offend a nature god or goddess, for fear that their actions might lead to the punishment of nature itself.


When establishing their new lives in Aloria they will most commonly settle amongst other naturekin, such as Nymphs, Sprigs, and Fauns, though they may find friendship in any being who has a healthy respect for nature and the natural order.


Body Tentacles, Divine Glow, Particles; Insects, fireflies (any), butterflies, petals, or leaves, glowing eyes, feral claws, antlers (any), Horns of Yog, Horns of Quilin.



Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: 1000+ Years | Race Type: Construct | Height: .90-1.3

Racial Lore

Angelkin were created by the divines to whom they serve, construct of divine energies, intentions and higher power. Though created by the gods they are not descendants of them, and therefor cannot claim true divine lineage. They can come from any realm, and by creation of any divine or deity including from Alorias own higher realm and pantheon, but all must die before being cast into the purgatory of Aloria.


These beings were once lesser servants to Celestials of both Aloria's Pantheon, and the deities of other Realms. Once cast down from their higher realms they lose all their god-given powers are are left to regain new powers of their own, inspiring a sense of turmoil and abandonment from within them. Some are sent directly to Aloria, while others serve out their first afterlife as fallen Angels of other plans, dying in battle or in service to their divine before making their way into the realm.


Most fallen angelkin feel rejected and sent away by their gods, but this is not always the case. For example an Angelkin of Xobia may not feel abandoned, but tested leading to a stronger sense of devotion and kinship with their divine.


Angelkin tend to be stuck in the ways of ancient cultures, and are very ritualistic and methodical in nature. Precise, practiced, and experienced from centuries of existence it is not easy to change the mind of these divine constructs. As they were never mortals in their past life their deaths tend to be extreme and have divine intervention be it demonic, or from their own gods.


Centuries of servitude and guidance by a higher power have caused most to believe that they are higher beings compared to the mortal souls that wander the lands, but once sent to purgatory like the Realm of Aloria they are just as dead as the next being and this belief is a falsity.  They are little different from any other race aside from the ability to fly, and their exceptional beauty though they are not unique in either of these features.

Angelkin are ranked societally based on their services to their gods and the frequencies of their direct interactions with that god. Those more frequently called upon to serve their patron deities directly are among the highest beings of angelic societies,


They are an angelic race but this does not mean they are particularly good or particularly bad as like with all people, divines come in numerous types and alignments. Angelkin who live in Aloria are likely to have been cast out of service by their god or deity, a process that kills them and may be filled with internal conflict from it. They may choose to adhere to the alignment of their deity, or to rise above it.


Angelkin tend to appear as tall humans, with glowing gold or white eyes if they tend towards good, and black or red eyes if they tend more towards evil. Once service to their divine ends they will often seek out magic as a means to their own powers, some joining witches', warlocks, mages, necromancers or more demonic magic users for guidance. They may have angelic wings in black or white unless they were taken from them when cast out of service and always have a halo.


Halo (Any color) | Angelic style wings (Black, Brown, White, Lava, or Yog) and Folded Wings (to match your unfolded variant) | Glowing Eyes (any) | RA Fairy State and /Fly rank.

*Must choose either wings, a halo, or both to play this race.


Anu ( Cat Folk )

Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: 120 Years | Race Type: Beast Kin | Height: .85-1.2

Racial Lore

With contributions/named by Arafel


Anu are the cat kin of Aloria. The males of the race tend to be taller than their female counterparts but both are regarded as equal. Never would an anu man claim superiority over a female huntress based on gender alone. The bodies of an Anu are lean and slender but heavily muscled like the panthers they closely resemble. They are beast kin, but were not created by union of cat and humanoid races which is a stereotypical belief with most beast kin, but are in fact a unique culture all of their own. In fact referring to an Anu as a cat, or catkin can be considered offensive.


Similarly to cats Anu can be covered in head to toe fur, OR they can have human features with just ears and a tail reflecting typical human skin colors. Their fur color tends to be brown, black, gray or white with stripes, piebald, and spots being typical markings for this cat like race. While most have slitted yellow eyes, some Anu have more human eyes that  usually range in color from orange to green and all shades in between, and rarely blue. Heterochromia is a prevalent eye mutation among their kind. Each Anu also sports a fearsome pair of retractable claws which are used as their preferred weapons, though some anu have been known to favor bows. They make exceptional Rangers and Rogues due to their inclinations towards stealth and quiet.


Anu are well-renowned for their impeccable balance and climbing skills almost always landing on their feat and very seldom known as clumsy.  While less known due to their natural tendency towards laziness, most Anu are also competent swimmers and speedy runners. Unlike cats they have next to no aversion to water, unless in individual cases of irrational phobias. Each typically enjoys the thrill of a hunt, clans of Anu containing many expirienced hunters living alongside of one another.  In between hunts they are especially fond of rest and relaxation, and take frequent cat naps.

Anu are most often reclusive people who avoid direct interaction with other intelligent races preferring their own king, but also have an innate curiosity that compels them to travel and seek out stories, artifacts, new experiences and knowledge. They are most active at night, can see exceptionally well in the dark, and especially enjoy lazily basking in afternoon sunlight hovering somewhere between sleep and conciousness.


Anu tend to stay on the move and change their obsessions as quickly as the moon’s phases, which are closely watched by Anu who worship no deity but the moon itself. Anu that stay with their clan live in small semi-nomadic villages, moving with the seasons to maintain optimal food supply.


Most Anu are highly independent creatures. Therefor these beast kin live in democratic societies with each member participating in clan meetings and decisions. The clans are advised by elders and led by an elected high Shaman who listens to the words and wishes of their peoples, but has final say and is trusted to lead with the best intention for their peoples in mind.


Age is revered among the cat-kin, who's dangerous love of the hunt at times shortens their live spans. Elders of their societies are respected for their long lives, after living through many successful hunts. Even those Anu that leave the stability and structure of their clan hold these ideals and tend to respect the elders of any race they encounter.


Panther Tail, Jaguar Tail, or SlimFloofTail | Fluffy Ears White, Fluffy Ears Black, Fur Ears 1, Fur Ears2, Fur Ears3, Wolf Ears, Fox Ears or Small Black Cat Ears |  Eyes of the Tiger (Night Vision)  + Any one set of additional eyes |Feral Nails | Warpaint - Kitty 1 or 2, Warpaint - Leopard 1 or 2, Full Body Cow Pattern Tattoo,   Warpaint Stripes 1 or 2 - May refuse offered warpaints in favor of standard warpaints from the warpain vendor, or in favor of no markings. | Whiskers cat | Fly Insects Swarm

*Must take a tail and ears at minimum to play this way.



Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: N/A | Race Type: Void Kin | Height: .75-1.5

Racial Lore

Batlings are dark creatures of the void, forged from the unholy flesh of the great Eldritch Horror, Shobek creator of all things and ruler of the Void.  Each Batling is hand molded by the void god in his image branding them each with unique but terrifying beauty.  They are send by the Void God into realms targeted for return to the void from which all existence comes from.

Designed both to frighten and entice Batlings are typically slender yet muscular, with remarkably attractive features ranging in shades of grey, red and black. Each battling sports a unique head adornment of impressive horns, bat-like ears or ears that resemble that of the fae, and a third eye that can be opened or hidden at will. These are in addition to black demonic wings that curiously sprout from their hips and head. With furred chest, rune-like markings, forked tongues, the ability to see in the dark, and beastial hooves it is easy to consider this race more monster than person. 

Befitting of their monster like appearances these creations of the void feed off of lust, passion and desire, seeking to drain and exhaust the individuals whom they choose to haunt through social and sexual games. They are even known to change their physical shape to better draw on the desires of their victims. Unlike their kin the Shadowfiend they do not typically hunt a single individual long term, instead preferring to feast upon the desires of as many beings as possible.

They have little care for the world, and no remorse for causing pain, pushing each targets limits to their max. Their presence in a realm represents end times for any realm they are sent to by their dark master is marked for return to the void. These minor horrors weaken the Realms people from inside by tormenting and distracting them, while spreading the beliefs of their creator. When a Batling has finished with a realm they too are consumed by Shobek, becoming part of their god to be remolded at a later time. This means that  each Batling is as old as existence itself, though few have spent that much time in physical forms.

Each Batling prays to and worships Shobek and will respond to their master immediately upon summons, their entire lives dedicated to serving his higher purpose. They are also highly loyal to each other, and other beings of the void such as shadowfiends. Because of their similarities in appearance many Batlings find additional companionship in tieflings and to their subservient volcano imps, who are creatures of chaos and therefore allies to the void. 

Battlings are extremely social, preferring to live nearby large bustling cities, where there are many souls from which to feed off of.  They frequent taverns, brothels, and bath houses occasionally taking on work in the sex trade to feed. 

Batlings favor necromancy and other arcane classes, toying with the powers of the realm to fill their time and to better prepare themselves for wars to come. 


Horns (Sedit, Lillith, Moloch, Damballa, Chemosh, Yaotzin, Samnu, Horns 1) | Third Eye (Attached when open, detached when closed) | Hooves V1 or V2 | Feral Nails | Elf or Fae Ears (Any) Or Fur Ears 1-3 | Morrigon Head Wings | Morrigon Wings | Double Penis | Neck Floof | Eyes of the Tiger (Nightvision)

*Must at minimum take Morrigan Head Wings, and Morrigan Wings to play this race.


Beastial Guardian

Racial Size: Large  |Lifespan: N/A | Race Type: Beast Kin | Height: 1.1-1.5

Racial Lore

In their previous lives they were animals, distinct only for their seemingly above average intelligence, and their human-like eyes. Their souls cycled again and again in their home realms, dying and reborn to serve their divine purpose endlessly. Teach, protect, inspire, die, repeat.


Rare and peculiar they were highly sought after by beings like humans, orcs, and dwarves for it was thought that they were magical and that their paws, hooves, and horns would be good luck charms to those who possessed them. For this reason these guardians were hunted, dismembered and sold to the highest bidder though their disembodied remains were only just that, the limbs of the dead.

Each of the 5 Beastial Guardian totems are unique for their appearance and their roles in the circle of life. The Ox Guardian of Livestock chases the Fox, Guardian of Night to keep them from making pray of his kind. The Fox hunts the Cat Guardian of Pets, for pets are easier prey than livestock, and the Cat threatens the Ox, the presence of pets making livestock seem more like food than companions to the kind that keep them and favor their pets. The greatest of the rifts between the guardians is that of the Jakalope, an antlered rabbit Guardian of Pray and the Wolf guardian of Predators. These two are at a constant struggle for balance. So is the circle of life that they represent.

In their past lives they acted as  lesser guardians for the animals of their home realms, guiding and protecting them from people and events that might do them harm, be it hunters, forest fires, or predetors. Each of the guardians would lead their kind to fresh food and water, away from disaster and helped to hone their natural instincts to make them stronger and more adapt to each of their unique lifestyles. Despite the clashing of the Guardians each one must exist to maintain the worlds equilibrium and allow all animals to coexist, each one is necessary in purpose.

Eventually it was Demurga, chariot of the dead who took notice of the Beastial Guardians, taking pity on them and in his mind sparing them from a life of endless reincarnation and death. He interrupted their cycle of reincarnation, plucking their souls to create a race all of his own. In Aloria they now walk on two feet with massive humanoid bodies, angelic wings and halos but with their minds and personalities far more animal like and curious.


They almost always tend towards purity and kindness with very little exception, and in Aloria most commonly keep the kin of ferals, kitsune, fauns, and bovine as they remind them most of the creatures they once protected. In these beastial civilizations they the guardians take on the roles of protectors and leaders and despite their past differences guardians of different totem animals will often unite under this new purpose.  It is common for them to also seek company of ordinary animals keeping them in great numbers to shelter and protect them.

In Beastial societies which are unique to Aloria, as it is the only realm these beings exist in, guardians tend to work together forming councils. They lead their clans, usually known as packs or heards as a collective voice respecting the balance and perspective each guardian represents.

Because Beastial Guardians were animals before being reborn to aloria as a new intelligent race they do not have a typical lifespan. They were trapped in endless reincarnation and could likely not tell you just how many years they spent as animals. Their diets are also varied, wolf totems being mostly carnivorous, while the ox consumes exclusively plant life. 


Dependent on which variant you choose: The Ox, Fox, Cat, Jakalope, or Wolf. Must reasonably fit the animal species you're representing. These items will be offered in a kit specified to your chosen animal totem. Must take angel wings (Brown, White, or Black) and/or Halo, in addition to at least one cosmetic representing your animal totem.



Racial Size: Large  |Lifespan: 120 | Race Type: Construct | Height: 1.1-1.5

Racial Lore

Dragonkin are constructs created by the clawed hands of large, powerful, ancient dragons long ago. They were forged to have a smaller, more humanoid forms to be better able to assimilate with, and communicate with the smaller sentient races of the multiverse but not to be free, only to serve out their purpose to their dragon creator.


Though they look like a mix of a human and a dragon, this is not the case. They are in fact creatures all of their own and because of their method of creation are considered in the racial category of Constructs, rather than beast kin despite their beastial looks. Despite being constructs they are unique in their ability to reproduce in their past lives - though of course once in Aloria they find themselves completely sterile like all races. 

In Dragon societies the dragon creator is worshipped above all else as a living god. Those who were forged by their creators own hands take superiority over those who come into existence as the descendants of other dragonkin. This creates first and second generation dragonkin respectively.


Traditionally Dragons are extremely powerful magical beings, and are often feared, attacked, misunderstood, or farmed for their magical components, like their scales and horns. Their huge size and traditionally monstrous forms makes them threatening to smaller, less evolved races.


Their lesser dragonkin would deliver messages on their leaders behalf, offerings of peace, or carry out assassination missions when their lord wished not to destroy entire kingdoms, but individual specific targets. They also guard the caves of Dragons, which usually house their master, and their masters treasure which tends to be collected in awe-inspiring quantities over thousands of years, as all dragons have a particular fondness of treasures such as gold and rare jewels.


Dragonkin tend to be either pure good, or pure evil reflective on the stance of their creators. Because they are created by dragons, the life force of a first generation dragonkin is tied to the dragon that created them. If their creator dies, so does the first generation dragonkin. This can sometimes be their reason for passing and coming to Aloria, though they can also die of any traditional method. In the case of second generation dragonkin, they live on even after the destruction of their Dragon. 


Once they have passed, their spirit, and core of their being still exists making them a candidate for afterlife. If their creator also dies they will lose their magical biding to their creator and their alignment. Meaning a once evil dragonkin could have the chance to be good in their afterlife, or to be bad. But if they die before their creator, this tie remains until the time of their creators death.


They are favored out of pity by Reapers like Alorias own Demurga, many of them are sent to purgatories like Aloria for a chance at second life, as they usually have little to no choice in their first. Those that fight do so with honor, and without fear. They have respect for natural balance and order, and would rather die an honorable death than dishonor themselves or their creators by dying a dishonorable death. They are extremely proud in demeanor but believe in a fair fight, and are especially diplomatic, cunning, and formal in speech for their have the wisdom and knowledge of their ancient creators.


Wings ( Succubus Wings - Any Color, Demon Wings - Any Color, Demons Wings, Demon Wings Lilith) | Scale War Paint or Warpaints Snake skin, or warpaint stoneskin, or warpaint set priest | Tail (Snake Tail, Space Goat Tail, or Gilded Space Goat Tail) | Horns (Any - Excluding Christmas Raindeer Horns, Minotaur Horns and antlers) | RA Fairy State and /Fly rank | Dragonskin (Full of individual pieces)  | Dragon Tail |  Twin Futanari | Fly Insects Swarm

*Must at minimum take scales and horns to play this race. If refusing wings or tail must have an IC explanation. 



Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: 250 | Race Type: Humanoid | Height: 0.7-0.9

Racial Lore

Dwarves are smaller, stout humanoid beings that primarily reside in caverns, caves, mines and valleys.  They are hard working, laborious people, who hold their traditions and the value of a hard day's work in high regards. Each one is exceptionally hardy, displaying formidable constitution and fortitude.


They are seldom to be lazy, each working arguably as hard as the next to see ends meet. They will continue a task even when they tire to the point of exhaustion if it is deemed important enough. They believe in the effort of the group for the benefit of the group, and take not kindly to slackers who are unwilling to aid in the greater good of the clan.


They love material possessions such as gold, gemstones, and finely crafted objects like armor and weapons. As far as armor-smiths and weapon-makers are concerned few out craft the dwarves, their creations rivaling those of even the elves who are known for the beautiful metalwork. A dwarves blades are always sharp and well balanced, and their is seldom a chink or weak spot in their armors. Dwarves favor heavy armors, covering as much of their stout little bodies as possible with respect for the importance of these protections. 


Dwarves have exceptional stamina and follow through. If a dwarf says they will do something, then it shall be done without fail. They would sooner die than fail at their tasks, and often do perish during their quests which can be dangerous. Their ability to face danger head on is proof of deep rooted bravery among their people as a whole. 


They have a hearty lifespan of over 200 years, and are not considered fully grown until their early 30s. Their skin colors are humanoid, ranging from porcelain to espresso, with varying shades and hues in between. They appear little different than short, wide bodied humans.


Almost all dwarven men have thick, admirable beards, and it is said that even some of the women do too which is why dwarven women appear decidedly rare to outsiders. In truth, less than a third of their population are women, and this makes repopulation a slow process and their numbers modest, this problem is added to by the fact that typically a dwarven liter provides only a single offspring, which is male 70% of the time.

It is very rare for a dwarf to ever cut their beard, and as such the length of one's beard can be used to determine their approximate age, with the eldest dwarves having long spindly beards that reach the ground.


A dwarves loyalty is unfailing and unquestionable, if you earn their favor you have a friend for life.​ It would be unwise to insult a dwarf on their size or culture, as they are extremely proud beings who are known to be easily roused by such comments. 

Dwarves are creatures of habit and comfort. They enjoy strong drink, an abundance of food, and fine weaponry and clothing. A dwarven society is defined by the amount of fine treasures they possess. They prefer to dwell in extraordinarily ornate architectural structures, either in caves or near mountainsides where even their strongholds boast their clans wealth. 

Land claims are extremely important to a dwarf. Their homelands are considered sacred. Entire generations of dwarven peoples have been wiped out whilst defending their homelands, making their race increasing scarce. Even in a battle they are destined to lose, they will not stand down if their kingdom is threatened. 


Dwarven Beard (Any) | Smoking Pipe (Any) | Fly Insects Swarm | Night Vision Eyes

*All racial cosmetics for dwarves are optional, but all dwarves should be short and stocky/broad.


Elves - Blood Elf

Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: N/A | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: 0.9-1.2

Racial Lore

**Because Blood Elves were native born Alorian elves in their past life, their lifespan before death depends on the type of elf they were before becoming a blood elf; ie Wood, Frost, High, or Dark elves lifespans.

Blood elves were created through a blood pact between Demurga, former king of Alorias native Drow, god of Death and Pity, and one Siduris, King of the Vampires, and god in the making. Siduris full of wit and cunning persauded the god of Death to resummon the Native elves of Aloria to help Elves and Vampires reclaim the lands as their own. Demurga was not a fool to Siduris’s true desires for power but agreed to bring the natives back anyways, if only in an act of pity believing they too were worth of a second chance and desire to once again see his own kind. 

Blood elves are a cursed race, forged of dark dealings between gods. They have all memories of their former lives as Native Alorians, many from times before the opening of the portals that allowed the influx of non native Alorian races to begin. Some may have lived under Demurga in his mortal days, or under Azura queen of high elves who was killed by the gods for the war she created. Many hold disdain towards other races, even mistrust in portal elves who remind them of their past lives and stir a feeling of envy from within them. 

Their appearances have changed, no longer do these native elves bear the physical differences that caused the race wars that forever changed the realm. Curiously perhaps because if their lack of differences they now consider themselves all one people living together regardless of their race in their past lives. Blood elves have blood red skin, and tend to have hair that ranges from white to gray, though some dye their hair other colors. Their eyes can be any color but turn red when they need to feed. 

The preferred food of a blood elf is the raw meat of other sentient races, in other words they tend towards cannibalism to sate their blood lust. They are not vampires, blood alone cannot sustain them, but their taste for the flesh of others gives them similarities to vampires. They have no aversion to the sun but naturally prefer the night and may even turn up their noses at dishes made with garlic, though this is superstition at best. 

They frequently partake it ritual sacrifice, and public killings of other races and sometimes even their own kind in offering to Siduris the Vampire king, providing him with blood while feasting on the flesh of their victims. This is considered a religious practice to the Blood Elves who consider Siduris to be their new god and use these dark rituals to feel closer to him. Typically they prefer willing sacrifices as the rule of three lives is common knowledge in Aloria and sacrifice to Siduris is considered a great honor. Typically a willing sacrifice will be held in high regards by the blood elves who feast upon their flesh earning their favor and protection against others. 

Blood elves tend to be skilled and vengeful killers and assassins, in other words natural murderers. Typically they live in large cult like groups of their own kind. While most portal elves are a great disturbance to them, blood elves often do not mind the company of Drow, especially those who worship Demurga who they consider a minor deity for his work with Siduris


Red Skin | Pointed Ears (Any) | Glowing Red Eyes (when hungry) | Long Eyebrows (Optional)


Elves - Drow / Dark Elf

Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: 750 | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: 0.9-1.15

Racial Lore

Elves were the original native dwellers of Aloria, specifically the four original types of elves; drow, high elves, wood elves, and frost elves. These beings once roamed the lands as natives in times before the opening of the portals, and Aloria entering its state of purgatory. Since then the native elves have died off, with seldom few returning to Aloria as blood elves


All drow currently dwelling in aloria are considered portal elves, or elves non-native to the Realm for elves are one of the most common races of the multiverse as they are considered near perfect beings. Of all the elves native or otherwise, it is the Dark elves who hold the worst reputation. It could be argued like with any race in Aloria that their ways are simply misunderstood. 


Commonly known as Drow they have gained notoriety from their dark and mysterious ways, and are considered to be violent and malicious beings. They are highly sexual, often mixing their sexuality with ritualistic sacrifice and blood offerings, sometimes of their own kind, but more commonly sacrificing animals to their native Alorian deity Dothamon, God of Secrets and Wisdom who created the native Alorian Drow.  To those outside their culture the reason for their cult like tendencies are unknown, and seem barbaric, but to the Drow it is far more of a religious experience.


The Native dark elves of Aloria, though long since passed away, worshipped the Raven for its ties to the night, and their patron deity Dothamon.  As intelligent races do they wrote many books and scrolls on their ways in their own native tongues, and similar to many primitive humans, even left pictures describing their histories on the walls of the underdark. 


They are most comfortable in dark areas such as caves, crevices and the underdark, though any dark place would do.  They covet the jungles of Aloria for its darkness, and during the times of Great Unrest, they fought with the wood elves to possess it, but to little success.


Because of their sexual natures, and open minded ways they do not tend to judge others by their race, but instead by their physical attractiveness, loving in particular to surround themselves with beautiful people. Drow will usually lay with any race they find appealing, and typically do not have a gender preference many identifying as pansexual, or for the more selective drow, demisexual. Their skin tones are usually dark blues, grays, and purples ranging from pale to obsidian. They have pointed ears and often have glowing eyes that help them see in the dark. They are a native race and were largely responsible for the splitting of the native elves, fueling the unrest that the High Elves created, and rising to confront them.

Drow revel and thrive in arcane and shadow, making their most common classes rogue, sorcerer, wizard, or necromancer. Drow will also dabble in potion-making.

They are primarily a matriarchal society, with a high priestess or matron at the top of their hierarchy. It is not possible for a male to gain this highest status in typical drow societies, as males are considered lesser or subservient, used for breeding and to protect the matron and her hand-maidens. They are a highly organized society, with punishments for those who violate drow law, or who would betray the clan or its matron. Rulings among dark elves are very black and white, if a crime cannot be proven then it did not happen.

Trust among drow is not a common occurrence, for even ones own daughter might betray her in efforts to overtake her throne as matron. Therefor, murder is common amongst the drow, who are always watching their back. A drow can typically name one single individual in life who they whole heartedly trust. 

For more information about Native Elves please view or world lore.


Pointed Ears (Any) |  Long Eyebrows (Optional)


Elves - Frost Elf

Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: 750 | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: 0.9-1.15

Racial Lore

Frost Elves are known for their durability and resilience from living in the harshest of cold climates. The native variety of this elven subrace were created by Xobia goddess of Judgement and Punishment, though the last of the native elves passed many years ago. Now all frost elves living in Aloria are considered portal elves, meaning elves who come from other worlds.


 To test the abilities and worth of her native Frost Elves, Xobia sent her creations high into the mountaintops to learn to survive, or perish trying. There they faced brutal cold, and the terrifying monsters that made this unforgiving region their home. Against all odds the frost elves pleased their goddess by adapting to their circumstances, and becoming stronger for it. 


Still being the most removed from society they are the most primal of all elves. They do not favor having many possessions, preferring to have only that which they need to survive as survival is put above all else in frost elf culture.


 Some consider the humor of frost elves and their way of speaking to be crude and unsavory. What they sometimes lack in social skills they make up for with their excellence at hunting, and tracking. A frost elf will hunt their pray for great distances, and they are knowledgeable in ways to preserve food to ensure it does not spoil for many years. Their entire lives are dedicated to skills that prolong survival, and this includes murder among these skills. 


They are fiercely protective of their lands, and their food in particular. Stealing food from a frost elf is considered a great offense, and at best will result in banishment from the clan, and at worst will result in death by beheading. Intruders to their land who arrive unannounced and unwelcomed may find an arrow in their back as in their native climate a frost elf is guaranteed to see you before you see them. 


Frost elves work tirelessly for their way of life, each day a battle for survival amongst the brutal climates they’ve grown accustomed to. They believe in using every part of a kill and are highly skilled fur and leather workers. They tend to sell the armor they create. Many years of living and adapting to the cold has made it so they require little to no armor of their own to stay to stay warm. In a hotter climate they'd likely go nude, and still complain of the heat being unbearable. 


They commonly befriend native yetis and frost giants, both primal races like themselves. Their skin tones are most commonly shades of light blue or frosty white as is their hair. They often wear fur, especially light colored furs to better blend in with the snow and ice around them, though they don't particularly need it for warmth.


Most frost elves worship their king and queen, a pair of frost elves paired at birth who are raised destined to become rulers once they come of age. In native Alorian the king and queen of the frost elves would adorn head to toe furs in the purest of white, adorned with blue feathers as a symbol of their status. These cold dwelling elves will also worship god of fortitude, survival, or winter.


Typically frost elves are hard pressed to form true relations with anyone outside of their own kind. Other races and their warmth particularly offend them as they see the need for warmth a weakness. Occasionally they may find unstable kinship with half giants of the frost variety, but these bonds are usually short lived. While they may lie with other races it is almost never done so for the sake of procreation. 


Male and female frost elves are considered equals and are typically of similar sizes and statutes. All frost elves appear to be white or blue in coloring though specific shades of these colors vary. Of all the elves they are most like to have long feathery eyebrows, believed to be a feature developed to better adept them to the cold. The same can be said of their traditionally shorter pointed ears, which may have naturally developed that way to better protect themselves from frost bite. 


Though they are hunters frost elves are not a nomadic race, they instead dwell in traditional castle like strongholds of elvish engineering. They hunters travel and return their kills to the kingdom, no matter how far they must go or how treacherous the journey. 


Pointed Ears (Any) |  Long Eyebrows (Optional)


Elves - High Elf

Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: 750 | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: 1.0-1.2

Racial Lore

High Elves were one of the original native races to the Realm of Aloria, though all the natives have since passed away. Any high elf living in aloria is a non-native, portal elf, or elf hailing from another realm. 


The native variants were created by Nethros, god of war and chaos, eldest of the Alorian Deities. He created in his own elf-like image, and considered them to be a perfect race. Loyal to their creator they worshiped him blindly, believing that his powers would fuel their own. Though many High Elves from other realms do exist, in Aloria they may adopt the cultures and beliefs of the deceased native elves even living in the ruins of their ancient cities.  Many even praying to Nethros for his powers. 


Before the splitting of the elves they lived in peace with the other four native Elven subraces; themselves, the wood elves, frost elves, and drow. However high elves were the first of the elves to break that peace in favor of war. Their actions, while influenced by Nethros, directly caused the Dark Migration and the opening of the portals that opened the realm to races and entities from other Realms. 


They are a proud, noble race steeped in tradition and history that they take quite seriously. They hold nothing in higher esteem than their own traditional values. They have an air of superiority about them and are often considered snooty or stuck up.


Their extravagant kingdoms, tower adorned castles and collections of great wealth only add to the air that high elves are just better than others. No member of an organized high elf society is left impoverished, each provided with the means to live comfortably by their ruling government. Architeture is taken very seriously in High Elf culture, each building professionally constructed with artisan hands. Many walls are encrusted with gold, or embedded with rare, shimmering gemstones. 


They follow their rules and traditions unyieldingly, and do not look kindly on those who disobey them. Overall they believe themselves to be best of all elves, and better even than any of the new races of the Realm. There attention to detail and care for presentation sets them apart from other elves.


They prefer the company of their own kind above that of other races, though they will almost unbegrudgingly tollerate the company of those with dignified lineage, such as Aasimar and those with celestial blessings. Their skin and hair are lighter, paler colors. Such as white, blond, toffee, and porcelain. Traditionally they have high cheekbones, thin faces, and tall slender bodies. They also have pointed ears which can range in size. Native Alorian High Elves once believed the longer the ears, the more noble the elf and their societal structures often reflected this belief.

High elves believe in blood purity, it is considered a great taboo for a high elf to mate with another race. Half-high elves are almost never accepted into this elitest society.


Pointed Ears (Any) |  Long Eyebrows (Optional)


Elves - Wood Elf

Racial Size: Medium  |Lifespan: 750 | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: 1.0-1.2

Racial Lore

Of all the native Alorian Elves, Wood Elves were among the most peaceful. This subrace of elves lives in harmony with other creatures and nature, with the belief that all creation is equal and therefore deserving of life and kindness. This idea includes plants, animals and other more sentient beings. All are equal in existence.


The native variant wood elves, though all long since passed, were created by Mahtyana, goddess of love and empathy and were made in her image. Their beliefs and practices heavily reflected that of their patron deities. They hold respect in high regards, giving it to all who give them no reason not to, and expecting unyielding respect in return.


They thrive in greener areas that are flush with vegetation and wildlife, specifically favoring forests for the protective cover of ancient trees. They tend to live in large groups of their own kind, but also commonly find friendship in other nature races, such as nymphs, faeries, and fauns. These and other fae kin will frequently take refuge in Wood Elf strongholds which wood elves deem acceptable as long as all within their sanctuary adhere to their laws and beliefs. 


When the elven races split from one another the Wood Elves of Aloria turned a blind eye to the racism and superiority complexes of their fellow elves refusing to fight unless directly attacked. Instead they took to the forests and offered their help to many newcomers to Aloria, even allowing some to live in the safety of their treetop cities.


The cities of wood elves while ornate and beautiful in their own right, are created to blend seamlessly with their forest surroundings. Buildings cling to the sides of ancient trees, or make use of their hallows. A typical wood elf stronghold is created in the higher parts of ancient trees. From the ground the lights of a wood elf city are meant to look like little more than fireflies to an unsuspecting traveler.

Take caution and be respectful while taking a stroll the forests. You never know when you may be treading beneath the feet of a woodland army, who's arrows are fine and sharp, and rarely miss their mark.  Wood elves are extremely light footed and can make their way through the treetops with the greatest of ease.


Wood elves are excellent listeners, seldom do they forget anything they read or hear, and this trait makes them especially wise, even more so with age. Wood elves physical characteristics include natural forest colors. Their skin tends to be brown ranging from Espresso to Sand in color, though it can also be shades of green if their ties to nature are especially close. Their eyes tend to be honey yellow, brown, or green though not solely restricted to these colors. They are traditionally quite tall and thin. Their skills include archery, hunting, and nature crafts such as herbalism and alchemy.


The diet of a wood elf is omnivorous, but they believe strongly in never wasting a kill. Wood elves will give prayer for every creature they hunt, thank the gods above for the creatures sacrifice. They use every salvageable part of what they slay to survive, even using the bones for things like tools and jewelry. Some are opposed to hunting altogether, and choose instead to live solely off of vegetation.


Pointed Ears (Any) |  Long Eyebrows (Optional)



Racial Size: Small |Lifespan: 1200+ | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: .5-.7

Racial Lore

Fairies are elemental magic users whose appearances are often tied directly to their magical element. Their colors tend to reflect that element, green and brown for earth and nature magic, white for light or air magic, blue for water magic, purple for dark or void magic,  orange for fire magic, and red for blood magic.


In some worlds fairies are seldom seen for their small stature and natural hiding abilities. For this reason some cultures believe them to be mere myths, legends, or stories for the young.


They are crafty and mischievous tricksters of the realm, using their small stature and powers to tend to their whims, pulling pranks and being in general sort of devious. It is also common for their attention spans to be small like their bodies, flitting from one thing to the next be it a talking point, person, or place. They are easily offended when their size is mentioned, or when treated as if weaker. Mentioning either of these shortcomings may make  your target to their pestering antics.

One can earn the favor of a faerie by giving them oddly specific gifts which. A fairies favored gifts very from one fae to the next, and will be accepted without question. They are covetous of these objects preferring to hoard them in great numbers to form collections. When given a gift that pleases them, they will often give you a gift in return that ties to their element, or personality.  


Fairies are known to commonly befriend Fauns, Nymphs, Naiads, Sprigs, Wood Elves and other Faekin, but don’t seem to particularly like or dislike one race over another, not even their own. They tend to be solitary, or befriend larger beings they find interesting perhaps even using them for protection, though they are extremely proud creatures and would seldom admit it. It is rare for them to live in a community exclusively of fairies as they are not that common and tend to be so different from one another. 


It is believed that when the soul of a fairy, or other Fae kin passes on in the Realm of Aloria their spirits do not pass on. Instead they are said to lie dorment inside of soul gems, their powers stored in waiting of being reawakened. The powers of soul gems when used collectively can be monumental, and with their aid even new gods have arisen to the heavens.


These creatures are are some of the smallest of all the beings in the Realm of Aloria. They have a wide hue of colors, a variety of wing styes to choose from, pointed ears, fireflies or butterflies, flower crowns and optional glowing eyes of any color.


Wings (Butterfly Wings Blue, Fey Wings, Evil Fey Wings, Nymph Wings). | Eyes (Any) |Any flower crown | Pointed Ears (Any) | Long Eyebrows (Any) |Fireflies (any color) or butterflies or Fly Insects Swarm or cherry petals | RA Fairy State and /Fly rank.



Racial Size: Small |Lifespan: 60 | Race Type: Beast Kin | Height: .65-1.0

Racial Lore

Ferals are creatures that like many humanoids possess the ability to walk on two legs, while displaying animalistic features and tendancies. Though each one is physically able to walk upright they often forgo this in favor of acting upon their animal ancestry. These pitiful creatures are created from the union of a singular animal parent and humans. There existence is the product of the sin of coupling with animals, making this diverse race much of a taboo in traditional worlds.


Usually ferals lead a hard life in the worlds they come from. They are typically thought of as abominations or the living embodiments of curses. They are born from unspeakable and often forced acts of humans and animals and more often than not stir unpleasant reactions from others. Despite the taboo they are often sweet, innocent, and docile beings overall who find themselves too often at the hand of abuse. They are loyal and loving, even at the hand of their captors or abusers.


It is theorized that these poor souls are sought out and specifically favored by Demurga, Alorias Chariot to the Dead because of their unfortunate pasts. They exist in such high numbers in Aloria that it is thought that all Ferals wind up in Aloria for this reason making them as common as they are diverse.


Theoretically they can be a mix of a human and virtually any singular animal, as long as the animal itself isn't already a cross bread (such as a hinny, which is a horse/donkey mix, or a manticore which displays the physical traits of many animal forms). However only a limited variety of ferals had made their way into the Realm, for reasons at this time unknown.


Ferals do not exist in all realms of the multiverse, and tend to come from human realms that are overall more heavily aligned with or dominated by evil forces which leads to the belief that the appearance of any feral is a curse. Even though they are thought of as malevolent in their home worlds you'd be hard pressed to find a feral with any evil intent within them, as they are often too simply too innocently minded to humor such notions.


Most ferals are more animal than human, and they are often become shapeshifters with an animal form that reflects their animal lineage. Their physical traits are highly dependent on their animal ancestors, but they always have a humanoid appearance. They can communicate with other common speakers but their language may be broken. Because of their animal ancestry this race tends towards lower overall intelligence. Ferals also tend to be smaller than the average human, the smaller their animal parent, the small the feral. 


Discuss with an admin, differs based on ferals animal species.

Animal Options

Rat, Cat, Wolf, Fox, Bovine, Rabbit, Dog, Deer, Ram, Goat, Lizard, Snake, Opossum.



Racial Size: Small |Lifespan: 500 | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: .65-.85

Racial Lore

In Aloria, Gnomes are classified into two distinct categories: Surface Gnomes who live above-ground, and Deep Gnomes who reside in the deeper parts of the world, including the Underdark.


Before dying and coming to the Realm of Aloria both types of Gnomes had exceptionally long lifespans compared to other mortal races, and it was by no means unheard of for them to be up to 500 years old.


Skin color denotes the main difference between the two races. Deep Gnomes would be hues or purple, gray, or blue, owing to their lives spent away from the light of the sun, while Surface Gnomes have more traditionally human colorization, ranging from porcelain to espresso. While Surface Gnomes have traditionally humanoid eyes, the eyes of the Deep Gnomes would glow in unnatural hues to light their way in dark places.


Gnomes tend to favor stealth over facing obstacles with out-and-out brawn, or even better, they'd prefer to avoid conflict entirely using their unique charm and wit. Due to all of this -- and their general propensity for avoiding situations that may lead them to danger -- they are often underestimated by the larger races -- a trait that most gnomes do not mind.


They do however enjoy a good party, and Gnome weddings can last up to a week, even though they do not love the same as humans do preferring arrangements of practicality or using arranged marriages to ensure social ties.


It is thought that the Deep Gnomes have not always lived underground, but were rather driven underground by larger races destroying their settlements and building over top of them. It's not certain whether there is any truth to these stories, but life seems to suit them just fine, either way. Since moving underground they have taken a keen liking to gemstones of all sorts and sizes, and tend to be rather fond of mushrooms.


Surface Gnome culture, on the other hand, is based around art and creative endeavours. All surface gnomes were required to learn some sort of creative skill, be it music, painting, carving, building, baking, sculpting or other such things.As such, they are often assumed to be 'cousins' of the ever-laboring dwarves and lackadaisical, laid-back halflings. Somewhere in the middle. While this isn't precisely true, of course, one could hardly be blamed for making the comparison.


Small pointed ears (Any)



Racial Size: Small |Lifespan: 60 | Race Type: Humanoid | Height: .5-.65

Racial Lore

Goblins are greedy, short, orc like creatures with traditionally much slimmer frames and small cone shaped or pointed teeth in unevenly spaced rows. They tend to follow orcs, or hobgoblins as willing servants in a symbiotic relationship with their larger kin. In exchange for the orc, or hobgoblins protection they offer their services in cooking, spying, fetching and just about any other dignified task their protectors would need.


Unlike the slaves of their higher races, they are not treated completely poorly. Due to their similarities in appearance Goblins are considered as orc-kin and given slightly more respect by other orc-kin than other races. Of course, the way of Orcs and their kin is brutal and unforgiving, so a goblin is often still expected to fend for themselves, meaning they often hunt and steal to tend to their own wants.


They are skilled treasure hunters, can use their small physique to be exceptional thieves, or spies, and have a tendency to be chaotic neutral, or chaotic evil. Despite their primal traditions and tendencies, Goblins tend to be skilled mathematicians, needing the skill to count their stolen riches which they covet above all things. If you gift a goblin something valuable, you may eventually earn their favor, but not their trust. They do not trust anything given for free, but still tend to want anything particularly rare, expensive, or shiny.


Though they seem to prefer to follow orcs, they will sometimes switch allegiance when their leader is bested in battles of strength or wit, preferring to follow the most powerful beings that will accept them into their clan. Colors range from earthy tones of greens, reds, and browns, to more golden tones. They have pointed ears, and on occasion tusks or glowing red eyes. They are usually small and thin in stature, an obese goblin would show it mostly with a round belly and stick like limbs. There hands and feet are large in comparison to their bodies. 


Small Tusks or Vampire Teeth or Fangs | Pointed Ears (Any) | Fly Insect Swarm (Optional) | Night Vision | Horns of Yog, Tunrida, Cimeries (Optional) | Tusk Jewlery (Optional) | Feral Claws (Optional)

flesh golem.png

Golem - Flesh

Racial Size: Large |Lifespan: 50 | Race Type: Humanoid | Height: 1.0-1.5

Racial Lore

To many flesh Golems are an abomination, these macabre horrors are constructed of the parts of many other humanoid beings. They have been sewn, bolted and otherwise stitched together and brought into existence by unholy means. They are a large race, usually ranging from 6 to 8 feet in height and weighing up to 500 lbs.


When they are first created they reek of the stench of decayed human flesh but as life fills their bodies their wounds heal and fade to thick scars. The healing process after their creation is painful and feels no different than it would to have deep lacerations all over ones body. Because they are born fully grown a young golem will not be able to speak, and must learn how to do so. They may have a collection of confusing memories from the past lives of those they are constructed from which only adds to their early life confusion and naïve natures. Once they’ve had time to adapt to their new lives they may seem to behave like any other sentient being, and can even go on to love, marry, and live in organized society. However the taboo of this race remains present, and their existence is viewed with overall suspicion. Because they have bodies comprised of corpses they typically have a shorter lifespan than other races with magical means needed to extend this.


Flesh Golems are also prone to night terrors usually consisting of the worst memories of the past lives of those they were created from, so they tend to sleep less than other races doing so only when absolutely necessary. While constructed of dead bodies they are still considered alive, and are subject to the 3 life rule like all non native races of Aloria. They tend to be grayish blue, or sickly green in color, but may be normal hues from beige to dark brown as well, though their skin usually lacks saturation and has a grayish hue when in these colors, this is assumed to be because of their dead flesh having rotted away. While an unlikely friend those who treat a flesh Golems with kindness will usually find unyielding loyalty from that golem as they are used to prejudice and attacks from others. This race was brought to the realm for the first time in season 5 after the gods took pity on their unfortunate existences and gave them a chance at a second life. 


Optional: Elf Ears (any) | Optional: eyes of the hybrid werewolf or other heterochromia eyes | Optional: Fly Insects Swarm (Recommended: RA scars)

Lava Rock Golem.png

Golem - Mineral

Racial Size: Large |Lifespan: 5,000 | Race Type: Humanoid | Height: .95-1.5

Racial Lore

Golems are artificial beings created by skilled mages causing them to gain sentience. Life poured into organic minerals constructed to look like large muscular men and women. They are constructed of  clay, sandstone, stone, lava rock, steel, silver, gold or mythrial, their color reflecting the material they are forged from. It takes an enormous amount of time to create a golem, for before they can be given life they must first be carved of their chosen materials. Sometimes these forms are commissioned by artists and are sculpted to be extraordinarily beautiful but usually it is the mage themselves left to the task.


The body of golems  are completely solid and because their bodies have no muscle they are unusually strong. While sentient they do not have souls, and their presence in Aloria is an anomaly for that reason. It is also responsible for their unusually long lifespans. Because they are soulless the shadow fiends have no effects in them and they live mostly without fear. Their level of intelligence varies usually dependent on the skill and intention of their creators, though it is most common for them to be of low intelligence as they are forged to serve their creators and beings of less intelligence are less likely to question their existence or challenge their masters.


Due of their strength and large size they can be difficult opponents. Even magic wielders find them formidable for their bodies forged of magic are resistant to its effect. In Aloria the more simple minded golems are easily persuaded into willing slavery, finding it easier to serve than to think and valuing the companionship of such accommodations. Masters of golems find them hard to punish because minor assaults such as punches, smacks, and whips have no effect on them. Likewise sex and other positive physical acts do not effect them as they do not feel, but some may enjoy the act and the emotional closeness it represents to them. They in turn are not usually violent but can sometimes unintentionally injure others around them, such as crushing another’s foot when stepping on it by mistake, or giving exuberant handshakes and accidentally breaking ones arm. Those who befriend a golem will find them to be agreeable companions as long as both parties are careful, and they are not picky on the company they keep. They are not good or bad but align with the the stance of their

All mineral golems have glowing eyes the color depending of the elemental magic type behind their incarnation: white for air, blue for water, yellow, orange or red, for fire, green for nature, red for blood magic and so on. Even if they are forged from blood magic they cannot bleed, being as they have no organs just solid bodies. While they cannot grow their own hair some have taken to wearing wigs which helps them feel better assimilated to society.


Vanity Table Oil (If working), No Body Hair (use vanity table), “muscular” bodies. Stone skin (optional) Optional: Small Elf Ears


Clay, Sandstone, Stone, Lava Rock, Steel, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, and Mythrial. (Pictured above: Lava Rock golem!)


Half Giant

Racial Size: Large |Lifespan: 200 | Race Type: Humanoid | Height: 1.25-1.5

Racial Lore

This race is a cross between a human and a giant. They are seen as lesser in a fully grown giant's eyes because in giant culture it is considered a taboo for a giant to mate with a human and therefore the lesser half giants are not widely accepted by their giant kin. Humans are unlikely to accept them either as they are much larger and intimidating to humans who are dwarfed by comparison.


They come from various regions ranging from the dunes of the deep desert to the frozen peaks of the tallest mountains as both humans and giants have adapted to a wide array of climates. Their size gives them a stronger resistance to the climates they hail from so long as they stay well fed, needing to consume much food for their survival. From their giant lineage, they can be stronger than ten humans so It would be unwise to provoke a half-giant alone.


For those who have studied this race, they have discovered their skin tones depend on where they were raised. Frost giants have blue skin, and white, blue or ice like horns, woodland giants would have skin tones ranging from toffee to chocolate with brown horns, and lava giants tend to be a darker shade of coal or a fiery red color with black, or infernal horns. While half giants have many native biomes they usually prefer biomes at higher altitudes like on risen plateaus, mountaintops, and along the sides of enormous volcanos, because of their large size they find the lower air pressure of higher altitudes to be less cumbersome, finding themselves to be less weighed down at greater heights.


Half giants are some of the tallest beings in Aloria and despite their tendency to be quick tempered, they can be gentle and loyal to those who befriend them knowing that their sheer size could hurt the smaller friends they care for. Though most believe the half-giant to be a primitive race they can be highly intelligent. This intelligence tends to be lesser for the rare half giants raised by their giant parent and clan. They are able to adapt to live within most cultures in Aloria as many want to befriend a half giant for their size and protection. 


Tusks: Large or Small. | Horns: Demons Horns, Horns of the Infernal, Horns of Puthar, Horns of the Succubus, Horns3, Horns4, Horns5, Horns6



Racial Size: Small |Lifespan: 150 | Race Type: Humanoid | Height: .65-.85

Racial Lore

Halflings are friendly folk typically by nature, with jovial natures and hardy appetites. They live in small rounded dwellings close to the ground if not underneath it, as most of them are afraid of heights. Their fears do not end there, in fact they are afraid of most things, and when not showing fear they usually uphold a bit of mild suspicion towards anything out of the ordinary.


They are adapted farmers, cooks, and brewers and as such you'll find no finer meal than in the home of a Halfling. As meals go most like to have many a day. While the young metabolize this well enough, the older halflings tend to get a bit stout from the over eating. No one likes to party quite as much as a halfling does. Their love for food and drink only matched by their love of merriment, music, and entertainment.


They get along well with dwarves because of a mutual love of parties and festivities, though in short doses as Dwarves are far more boisterous and competitive than the passive halflings. They tend to be care free and home loving, though it is not unheard of for a halfling to grow bored of their stability and crave a life of adventure.


Halflings tend to have large, wide feet, wide noses and a natural aversion to shoes because of the extra thick skin of their feet that renders little use for them, but are otherwise similar to small humans. While also similar to Gnomes in size, color, and build the main difference between the two races are their ears. The ears of a halfling are rounded, while the ears of a gnome are pointed. Gnomes also have smaller feet, and no opposition to footwear like their halfling counterparts.


Halflings value peace and safety, and are not very likely to do dangerous things. Instead the prefer tedious and mundane tasks, such as shelling nuts, combing their livestock, and slicing vegetables. They prefer to live in small villages of their own kind, or other peaceful races such as Satyrs, and wood elves when their own kind is absent but usually have an aversion for magic and will avoid more magical races.


No cosmetics given for this race



Racial Size: Medium |Lifespan:  40 | Race Type: Beast Kin | Height: .65-1.0

Racial Lore

Legends have it that harpies are a sort of Fallen Angel or Valkyrie, cast down and abandoned by their gods but this is a fallacy. Contrary wise, anyone who thinks them to be a mindless animal would also be in the wrong. They are complex creatures, full of many thoughts and ideas unique to their specific, albeit beastial cultures. 


They are an  incredibly shrewd, calculating, and cunning race. Anyone who would assume a harpy to be a mindless animal, or who would seek to insult them would be making a mistake they likely wouldn't live long enough to regret. Like the Valkyrie they are often mistaken for they are skilled fighters, preferring their own claws and talons as their weapons of choice and using their flight to give them the high ground in most any flight.


Many view them as an inherently evil race, but this much at least couldn't be further from the truth. Despite their monstrous appearance, harpies can be loyal to a fault, especially to their flock, and even more especially to their mates. While it's not always the case, harpies have an unusual tendency towards mating for life.


It is most typical for a harpy to appear black, brown or gray but occasionally they are white, or albino. Their bodies tend towards, thin, scaled and rigid with unusually muscular legs in contrast to their thin arms and torsos. A Harpies hands are adorned in sharp talons, the backs with extravagant wings that rival even the angels, and their eyes are small, luminescent and watchful.


Gold, jewels, precious metals and all manner of shiny things are -- perhaps appropriately -- like a siren's call to the twisted bird-things, and those who know it often have little trouble finding a harpy willing to do their bidding, providing a proper bribe of course. On the whole, it could be said that harpies are mostly ambivalent to the dealings of other races… though that tone can change the moment gold is brought into the picture. However they primarily favor the company of their own kind.


Though harpies rarely sleep with those outside their own race -- and indeed, rare is the person who wishes to sleep with a harpy in turn -- it has been known to happen, and 'survivors' (as they're most accurately called) tend to describe an encounter of profound strangeness. With feathers and claws and considerable squawking.


Warpaint - Snakescales, Full Body - Scales Tattoo | Feral Claws | Eyes (Any) | Fur Ears 1 | Angel Wings (Black or White - Brown (open and closed variants) |

OPTIONAL:  FaunTail1 | Hooves (As substitute for talons, will be replaced if talons ever exist) |Neck Floof | Fly Insects Swarm, Pointed Ears (Any)



Racial Size: Medium |Lifespan:  60 | Race Type: Humanoid | Height: .65-.9

Racial Lore

Hobgoblins are larger, more socially advanced goblinoids. Their stature and build resembles more of a dwarf than a goblin in size, as they are broad chested, and sometimes even stout. Their similarities to goblins lie in skin tone (ranging from red, to green, with varying shades or orange and yellow in between) ear shape (pointed), and their tendencies to have small or large tusks.


Some hobgoblins are furred, some in small patches and others with fur that covers most of their bodies, but some have no fur at all. The reasons for this is unknown, but likely have environmental factors from their home realms to blame, with hobgoblins of colder regions being more furred presumably. Sometimes they are mistaken by appearances as undersized orcs, but this is an inaccuracy. While they occasionally live in groups with orcs and goblins, they much prefer to have control of a group where it is just hobgoblins, and their lesser, subservient goblins.


However, Hobgoblins are not common in the Realm, and therefore often make due living amongst tribes of orcs. They are not in these groups treated as servants, but are often considered lesser than their orcish kin. Their society is cruel, and unyielding in their brutality and overall lack of empathy. They have hot tempers, one track minds, and tendency towards violence as a means for an end. They want it, they fight for it.


Some hobgoblins favor animals of wars, such as bears, wolves, and hyenas and will breed them to sell as trained fighters. Some say that hobgoblins are kinder to their animals than to goblins or their fellow hobgoblins, but this is likely a matter of opinion that varies from individual to individual. Their society has few rules beyond respecting the chief, defending the clan, and do not steal from other hobgoblins, but they hold these rules in high regard. Most hobgoblins would die for the chief of their clan, be it a fellow hobgoblin or an orc that is their leader. They value food, their territory, and power, and once in Aloria tend to favor the god Nethros, god of chaos and war.


Small Tusks or Vampire Teeth or Fangs | Pointed Ears (Any) | Fly Insect Swarm (Optional) | Night Vision | Horns of Yog, Tunrida, Cimeries (Optional) | Tusk Jewlery (Optional) | Feral Claws (Optional)



Racial Size: Medium |Lifespan:  80 | Race Type: Humanoid | Height: .75-1.1

Racial Lore

Humans seem to be one of most common races of all of the multiverses that are purged for souls to be brought to Aloria. They are decidedly unexceptional in appearance, stature, and skill. They are as diverse as they are common, having varying appearances, cultures, languages, religions, and ideas. Humans come from a wide variety of timelines and worlds. Their skin tones range from porcelain to charcoal, with any number of warm and cool tones of the colors in between.


Of all races, they are most likely to quarrel among themselves, starting huge wars and trivial conflict over land claims and differences in ideas. Like the elves of Aloria, some have  disillusioned ideas of the meaning of race. They choose to divide themselves based on trivial matters such as skin tone, and geographic regions of their home planets despite the fact that they are all one race; humans. Aloria has seemed to unify them, as many humans despite their origins choose to make homes together while in Aloria finding their cultures and ideas to be not so very different after all in comparison to races unheard of to them.


While some come from realms with advanced technologies they are often considered a primitive race to those races that are more socially advanced than them. The technologically advanced variety of humans have knowledge of things unheard of to many of the Realms fantasy races, and it will often sound like magic or lies to the non-human people that hear of them.  In Aloria, humans often become farmers, tavern owners, traders, and merchants as other races easily overpower them in size and combat styles. Adapting to the Realm of Aloria can be more difficult for humans, who often have little knowledge of magic or fantasy races and creatures before entering the realm. They seem to favor no particular Alorian god, however Dothamon god of secrets and wisdom seems to have taken an interest in them. For what reason cannot be said.


Imp - Volcano

Racial Size: Small |Lifespan:  80 | Race Type: Demon Kin | Height: .5-.65

Racial Lore

These small fairy like creatures were forged in volcanic flames, their bodies hot and all but one with the lava that created their bodies. While they look like fiery fairies they act more like demonic beings with little care for the pain and suffering of others, in fact being surrounded by hardship is where they seem to thrive.


Some say the native Volcano Imps were created by Nethros, god of war and chaos, forged in secret in the flames of the Volcano of Alorias Mother Continent, Bal'hara. They were believed to be his last chaotic attack on the realm, leaving them to wreak havoc where he could not. This would explain their inherently chaotic natures, and lack of care for law or order. 


They have fiery wings, or black ones covered in fiery ruins, and their skin colors include all shades of orange, red, and black. They are a horned race, their horns always black, or fiery black. Their teeth are tiny, pointed, numerous in count and very sharp. Sometimes they lose their teeth when biting or eating but seem to have many rows of teeth which quickly replaces them.


They exist only to play pranks and create troubles for others and quickly grow bored and restless when things are calm. They are mischievous to the point of wickedness and respect almost no one. The only race they fall subservient to are the Tieflings, sometimes living beside them in volcanic societies. The relationship is symbiotic. 


Still they are not a submissive race, pushing boundaries and playing harmless tricks on even the tieflings they serve. They prefer hot climates but can roam where they please, often being sent to run errands and send messages, though sometimes they’ll twist the details of a message to cause further troubles. Their skin is always feverish, for if a volcano imp becomes cold it is a sign that they are dying.


The diets of imps are strange as they often eat rocks and other minerals especially liking to feed on rare gemstones but they seem to also be able to eat human food in massive amounts. They do not like water at all, as it causes them pain and makes their bodies smoke and can lower their overall tempeture. If submerged in water their inner fires will extinguish and they will die.


Lava Wings or Wings of Yog | Any horns that are black or made of lava/fire | any red, black or yellow eyes including glowing variants | fireflies (normal, normal glowing, or red) | Small Tusks OR Vampire Teeth, OR Fangs | and demon tails (red or black, small or large) | RA Fairy State and /Fly rank.



Racial Size: Large |Lifespan:  10,000 | Race Type: Construct | Height: .5-1.5

Racial Lore

Often thought to be either arbiters of mortal conscience in morality tales, capricious tricksters who revel in the suffering they can cause by twisting the whims and wishes of others, or -- more commonly -- simply fictitious, the Jinn are in actuality little more than smoke given flesh. 


Once, ancient, nameless Things willed them into being, granting them life without the mercy of death at the end. Legends and rumors of Jinn tend towards cruelty and are based largely in long-forgotten fact, as the Jinn consider most mortals to be 'favored' by the gods of their realm, and old power bears old grudges. 


Indeed, there are few things that can kill a Jinn in life -- leading to their scarcity in the Realm of Aloria. However once they wind up in Aloria they are much more mortal than their previous states and are no harder to kill than any other race. 


Many legends say they can 'grant wishes,' and while this is not true in the strictest sense, they are possessed of significant power in life to make it seem very much as if they can. Indeed, the only 'weaknesses' a Jinn could be said to have is a supernatural propensity for being magically imprisoned. The old stories favor jars or oil lamps, but anything emblazoned with a Jinn's true name can bind them, making them the helpless servants of their captor until their master's death… or until they manage to trick their way to freedom.


 Natural shapeshifters, Jinn may appear however or as whomever they wish though they tend to favor a singular color palette for their many appearances. They have no true size, growing and shrinking to fit the situation at hand. As such, their 'real' appearance is often a complete mystery. 


In Aloria, however, while they retain their memories and knowledge of the power they once had, and their ability to fly, their forms are dramatically altered. Given true flesh, while many find themselves as aloof as ever, some may yet find themselves collapsing down a tunnel of depravity, finally afforded the access to carnal pleasures they were denied in their previously-unending existence. 


Jinn rarely fall somewhere in-between, either remaining completely detached or becoming entirely debauched. In short, it would be unwise to trust a Jinn at their word. Their primal mix of confidence in their own power and fear of being 'captured' makes them unpredictable and dangerous. Mortals are either beneath them… or playthings. Still… if one could get a Jinn on their side, it's difficult to imagine a more interesting ally.


Smol Elf Ears (Optional), Glowing Eyes



Racial Size: Medium |Lifespan:  1000 | Race Type: Beast Kin| Height: .75-1.05

Racial Lore

 Kitsune physically appear as humanoid foxes, adorned with pointed, foxlike ears as well as fluffy, densely furred tails. Their typical fur colors are silver or red, and the amount of fur that covers their bodies can vary greatly. While some Kitsune look more human, with fur growing only on their ears and tails with human skin everywhere else, there are some Kistune who appear more vulpine with sharp teeth and furred from head to toe.


  Kitsune are typically native to forests and lush mountain-scapes, easily thriving in natural, earthy environments. This does not limit their scope of habitat, however, as Kitsune are social creatures who enjoy the company of all species, especially other humanoids. Temperate climates suit them as well as snowy, wet, or even hot climates. The size of a Kistune can vary, but they are usually slightly smaller than a human of the same sex. 


   They have a long history of strong spiritual connectivity, and an inherent bond to magic. They are known for becoming messengers for Gods and Spirits. Kitsune have a reputation for being steadfast and loyal, as well as witty and playful. They are regarded as  well-intentioned tricksters who love a good laugh and treat those they have just met as friends, but they will instantly become withdrawn and aloof around races and individuals who are known for their skillful hunting. Understandably, a hunter will put the Kitsune at immediate unease, as they have historically been poached for their tails, which are proposed to be tremendously magical in and of themselves. The known lore among the Kitsune, and those who study them, is that the more tails a Kitsune has, the more powerful, wise, and magical he is. For this reason, Kitsune will decide to hide their tails and identity from those they are unfamiliar with, or when they are traveling through previously unexplored, foreign lands. 


Fox Ears, Fur Ears 2, Fox Tail (Black, Silver, or Natural), Short Floof Tail, FloofTail1, FloofTail2., Choice of Kitsune Mask, Eyes of the Tiger (Night Vision), Optional: Fireflies (Any color) OR Fly Insects Swarm OR Cherry Petal Particles, Neck Floof.



Racial Size: Small | Lifespan:  150 | Race Type: Beast Kin| Height: .5-.75

Racial Lore

Thank you Fayeth (Aurora) for contributions to this races lore!


Kobolds typically live deep in underground mines, dark caves, and the large burrows of other life forms keeping low to the ground, skittering around attempting to stay out of sight of the larger cave dwellers. Due to living underground they do not mind being dirty and often thrive from it. 

Kobolds are short and skinny, and have elongated sount like noses and wide mouths. Most are scaled in earthy tones or browns, yellows, and greens, or are reddish in color. Rear facing horns usually adorn their crown, with a long snake like tail waves behind them as they move. Ear types differ from one to another, some having pointed ears like a goblin, and others the reptilian ears of a lizard. 

Appearing almost to be an odd mix of a hobgoblin and dragonkin comes the fearless but not very intelligent kobold, though their not directly related to either of these races and are indeed a race all of their own. Though small in body Kobolds have high spirits and often think themselves to be as strong and formidable as a Dragonkin. This causes them to get into a bit of trouble, acting without fear and picking fights where they ought not to.

Speech is not their strong suit, especially not common tongue. When they speak they have a tendency to stutter, repeat themselves, and have unusual speech patterns. All of this combined with the habit of speaking too quietly or too loudly makes them at times hard to communicate with, even on the off chance that they do speak clearly.

While they tend to behave proudly and act boldly they are usually amiable. They excite easily and tend to favor a having a collection or two. One may collect stones, another marbles, or feathers. It could be anything that catches their eye, but they will go to great lengths to obtain the objects of their desires. 

In Aloria Kobolds will typically follow the lead of a Dragonkin, admiring these larger dragons for possessing the size and strength they themselves desire. When no dragonkin are to be found they might find themselves in company of the Yaun-Ti, or occasionally adopted into the nest of a Harpy. When in numbers of their own kind their is constant competition to establish a pecking order, so they often benefit from a larger, more intelligent leader. Outside of Aloria they tend to inhabit the caves of huge monsters, living symbiotically along side of them, luring larger pray into the cave and feeding off of the scraps.


Horns 1, Horns 4, Horns 5, Horns of Succubus, Horns of Yog, Horns - Tunrida, Horns Cimeries, RA Elf Ears (Any), Aquatic Ears (Any), Snake Tail Any, Scale Warpaint Any, Dragon Tail, Dragonskin, Dragon Penis, Double Penis, Feral Nails, Eyes of the Tiger (Nightvision)



Racial Size: Small | Lifespan:  300 | Race Type: Humainoid| Height: .5-.65

Racial Lore

Original draft written by Arafel


Leprechauns are classified as diminutive, solitary fae, though one might not think it to look at them. Unlike other Faerie-kind, Leprechauns do not have wings but instead resemble tiny humans with an average height of 2-3 feet. They generally appear as middle-aged men or older, regardless of their actual age, often sporting long, well-groomed beards. Though more rare than the males, there are women amongst their number, and they similarly tend to present themselves as mature or even wizened figures, equally as short, plump, and jovial-looking as their male counterparts. Their hair and beards are usually bright, noisesome shades of yellow, gold, orange or red, and are often adorned with seemingly ethereal flecks of shining metals.


Leprechauns are rarely ever seen without a coat and hat, but the style varies greatly by individual and region. They always have a coin on hand, or a bag of gold in pocket. Legend says that the hat and jacket of the Leprechaun magically hold their treasure and gold in such a way that it is readily available to them, but concealed cleverly from the hands of others. In short, they are considered impossible to pick-pocket.


 Leprechauns usually live alone, but they thrive in the company of both friends and strangers. They can be found in any environment but tend to live near homes bustling with people, or near busy, populated cities. Due to their nature as enthusiastic tinkers and relentless pranksters, no matter where they live it is imperative that they have easy access to socialization. What would a consummate entertainer be without an audience, after all?


Though other fae pranksters can be seen as malicious and threatening, Leprechauns do not play tricks in such a way as to lead to permanent loss or serious injury. At worst, a leprechaun make play a prank or make a bargain with someone that leads to them learning a valuable lesson from their inevitable loss… because the wee folk are not in the habit of making wagers they are likely to lose.


They are one of the only fae who closely understands and relates to the human definitions of good vs evil. This, as well as their talents in cobbling and other crafts, makes them easy friends with most other races


No cosmetics required



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  40 | Race Type: Beast Kin | Height: .65-1.0

Racial Lore

When the divine rift happened, poisoning Aloria's mother continent of Bal'hara, curious things began to happen to its wildlife. Most mutated, turned into foul, hideous monsters with an insatiable appetite for sentient flesh. Many creatures small and large died off, but those that did not became something else entirely.

Lumina grew, and grew quickly from the cocoons of ordinary moths emerging fully grown and into new sentience. Like Moths drawn to a flame the Lumina are drawn to the moon, its power, and its mysticism. They worship the moon as if the moon itself were their goddess. They pay homage to their chosen deity by removing their clothes and performing ceremonial dances in the moonlight.

This remarkable race operates under the hive mind mentality, everything they do is for the greater good of their clan with little interest in personal well-being. Instead of having a typical chief or leader they have a knowledge keeper known as the Abbas. It is the duty of the Abbas to be informed of all events that may impact the overall wellbeing of their hive. Those who act against the tribe are sacrificed to the Moon by ceremonial fires.

A Luminas body is entirely covered in setae, hair like fibers that make them appear to be furred. Most have vivid and complex patterns on their bodies making each appear vibrant and unique. Males and females of this race are almost indistinguishable from one another, both sporting slender frames and delicate bone structures. Typically like their insect counterparts Lumina are winged, but rarely they are born without. This is considered a mutation and renders them flightless. Flightless Lumina are considered lesser to their winged counterparts, and tend to them as servants. 

Back on the abandoned mother continent the Lumina continue to spawn from their cocoons. Some remain in the poisoned lands indefinitely, but most are found by Demurga God of Death and Pity and ferried to the new world of Cordous. Curiously after their appearance in Aloria, non-native Lumina have also began slipping through the portals and into the Realm. The non-native variety of Lumina tend towards more primitive natures, and have unique and unexplained origins all of their own. 

** Please note hive mentality does not = telepathy. They cannot communicate with their minds, however they opperate under cult mentality, the good of the whole over the good of the individual.


Elf or Fair Ears (Any - Optional) , Blue Buttery Fly Wings (attached), Wings Nymph or Tattered (Optional), Moth Ears, Neck Floof, Feral Claws (Optional), Fangs or Vampire Teeth (Optional) Fly Insects Swarm, ShortFloofTail or FaunTail1 (Optional)



Racial Size: Large | Lifespan:  200 | Race Type: Beast Kin | Height: 1.1-1.5

Racial Lore

These intelligent, kind creatures are a mix between a human and a bull and are similar to the ferals; (human-like creatures with animalistic features). But instead of being a creation of cross-breeding species, they are the product of dark ritualistic magic. Being made into a minotaur is almost always a punishment, and most minotaur's started off as humans, elves, and orcs respectively.


Many are thought to have brought into existence originally by Witches, Warlocks, and other powerful mages. As such can sometimes be found in servitude to the witches or warlock who presumably created them only furthering this belief. While two minotaur's could theoretically breed in their past life (before entering Alorias sterile purgatory) creating cultures and settlements of their own, females of this race are decidedly rare, and therefor it is unlikely to be the case.


If they had a full minotaur clan in their past life, it was likely small and something they worked hard for. They are more likely to become the mates of Bovine ferals, cow-girls if you will. After thousands of years of being treated like monsters, they have culturally adapted to be the opposite. They are civilized, communicate well, and almost never kill if they can avoid it. They have a sense of pride and community, displaying a strong sense of devotion to their land and their people.


They are slow to anger, and hesitant to go to war but are fierce fighters when they do. War fills them with a great sense of regret, and many will need a period of reflection and grief after battle in which they pray to their deities for atonement for the sin of killing another creature.


They are loyal to their own kind many suspect out of respect for mutual suffering, but will also be loyal to others outside their own race without discrimination. Their is no creature, humanoid or otherwise a minotaur might not befriend. They have an especially soft spot for small creatures and people, but are dangerous if crossed. They have a strong moral compass, believing wrong from right to be very black and white. Right is right, and wrong is wrong, meaning that they are not a fan of lawbreakers, or bad-guys. Their skin tones would be darker in color such as black, brown and grey. They have bull-like heads, large horns, and their torsos are covered in thick fur.

*Bull head cosmetic only works on male character models.


Bull Head, Hooved Feet (Any variety), Bull Tail. TailWithFloofTip, Fly Insects Swarm



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  60 | Race Type: Beast Kin | Height: .65-1.0

Racial Lore

Mudkyn are kin to Navali and servants to them. Like their higher counterparts they are also born of the Mother Coral but for reasons unknown developed at a much slower rate. They are a less intelligent humanoid fish race that relies heavily on the guidance of the Navali, often serving them as guards, entertainers, or general laborers. They speak often in broken common because of their low intelligence, and have naïve natures. 

Their bodies are covered in scales fins, and other fishlike appendages and certain Mudkyns even appear like anglerfish, sporting a glowing bulb above their heads. They come in 3 specific varieties and are often indistinguishable from others of their subspecies with little variety from one Mudkyn to the next. For this reason they often wear a piece of color coordinated cloth or ribbon to distinguish them from others of their race and tend to refer to themselves in third person and are also extremely accident prone. 

They have even more extreme restrictions to cold and hot weather than the Navali and can only spend an hour or two out of water before retreating back to the depths. Like Navali they also can speak Piscigua, but their dialect is different than their more intelligent counterparts, sounding far more gurgley and distorted than refined.

Mudkyn are curious creatures, who long to be on land around other people despite the negative ramifications to their health. They will hide in shallow ponds, streams, and even water fountains and wells for a chance to observe and befriend landwalkers. They do not enjoy being left alone, being alone even for short periods of times can cause them to feel forlorn and abandoned. They are one of the most loyal of all Alorian races, considering all friendships to be life long even when one sided. A Mudkyn would lay down and die for anyone whos ever been kind to them. 

Even if most Navali would treat them more kindly in modern day Aloria some Mudkyn seek to be far away from the Navali after lifelong memories of abuse and torment at their hands. They were once commonly used as throwaway fighters by Mad King Gerhal, being sent into deadly situations without care of their return, however the current Navali Queen Nixie holds them in higher regard and has granted them equal rights to Navali. The Mudkyn servants and soldiers now do so of thier own freewill and volition.


Transmog (Deep One HumanFish, Deep One Monster.) Sharkskin Armor OR Ring of Nenya (For water breathing)



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  120 | Race Type: Beast Kin | Height: .85-1.15

Racial Lore

Navali are a native Alorian race. They are a sophisticated and intelligent aquatic race evolved from a life of underwater solitude where they had little to no contact with other developed races or ideas until the Third Era; nearly 150 years after the opening of the portals. They are spawned fully grown from the Great Mother coral, developing within its safe haven for many years before emerging into the seas to unite with their people. 

The higher fish people have more human-like features than their lesser subservient counterparts the Mudkyns, but have more angular fish like faces. They are covered in soft and sleek scales that can be any single color or combination of colors, making them an exceedingly diverse and vibrant race. They can breath both above and below the Surface, a Navali's gills are located on the sides of their body just below the ribs and usually quite sensitive and ticklish. 

They cannot stray far from water's embrace for long, typically needing to return to it within 3-4 hours. Extremely hot or extremely cold climates can be deadly to them within minutes of exposure. They eat mostly fish and sea life such as kelp, coral, and seaweed and they do not drink alcohol because it dehydrates them from within. Their names tend to be simple aquatic words such as Finn, Gil, Coral, Pearl, or derived from these words for example Finnia, Coraline, and Gilbert which is a representation of their aquatic heritage.

They have a language all of their own called Piscigua. This name is not the languages true name but was given to it by Land-walkers whom cannot understand Piscigua because it can only be spoken underwater. Only races who are adapt to hearing underwater such as Navali, Mudkyn, and Naiads can hear the true pitch of this language and therefore interpret it. To non-water dwellers the language sounds like shrill screaming and cannot be interpreted by any land walking race. Piscigua is a name derived from the Latin words piscium and lingua which mean fish, and tongue respectively.

History (with contributions by Nixie)

Rumors persist that the Navali inhabited the continent of Cordous until it rose from the Sea, they abandoned the area to build another extraordinary under water kingdom; Syreni, which set much closer to the continent of Bal'Hara. When the Navali first emerged from the depths of the sea after hundreds of years of developing and adapting to be able to do so they fought, misguided by the Mad King Gerhal for control over the realm, its commerce, and its people, eventually establising a jungle city in the kings honor.


Over time it became clear to both Gerhal's followers and his opposition that the kings mental state was deteriorating from spending too little time in the seas, his mind literally shriveling up within his own skull. He eventually went so mad that he slaughtered one of his three daughters in the middle of a crowded marketplace, and was quickly killed by onlookers for this reason. It is important to note that all Navali are spawned of the Mother Coral, so no one is directly descended from another. However they tend to establish family units especially in royal cultures. A Navali King or Queen may choose anyone to be their kin, and it would be a mistake to refuse this honor.

Eventually the Land-walkers defeated King Gerhal and drove the Navali back into the Seas,  most returning to a state of suspended animation in the mother corals embrace. Years later, the Seas of Aloria began to recede and the Mother Coral that Spawns Navali and Mudkyn was dying, her physical form decaying. No longer could the Navali hide in her loving embrace, many feared thier time for extinction had come. The Navali eventaully were able to forge an alliance with Pirates, whom loved and respected the seas much like the Navali. The two seemingly different races worked together to establish a new, more peaceful town called Harmony Bay where all races were welcome, seek out a way to save the mother coral and restore life to the seas of Aloria. 

It was the most unlikely of pair who were brought together to restore nature’s balance and save the mother coral who lay dying at the bottom of a receding ocean, it was a Navali girl named Nixie and a nymph called Maui who forged plans to save the realm. The two worked together to perform a Restoration Ritual using hundreds of soul gems and all of their collective powers and prayers to bring new life to the Mother Coral in a way they never expected. The Mother Coral, once no more than a literal coral who spawned all native Navali and Mudkyn, rose from the ocean, declared Nixie her most faithful of all her children and deemed her fit to rule their people as Queen of the Navali, then ascended into the sky to take her place among the Divines.

When Nethros' Rift poisoned the lands of Bal'Hara and threatened all life on the mother continent, Queen Nixie took as many of the people of the realm hastily to the waters on a fleet of ships in a desperte attempt to find the lost continent of Cordous. The few who made it did so by guidance of the Mother Coral in answer to the prayers of the Navali and their allies the pirates. After a voyage that took many months they found themselves on the continent of Cordous, an empty expanse of strange wildlife, fauna and abandoned ruins. This Exodus Fleet established a domain on the western shores known as Queen’s Hope, after the Navali Queen Nixie whose prayers led the people to safety.


Admin enlarged eyes, admin adjusted cheekbones, Warpaint Full Body - Scales or Warpaint Snakescales, or Warpaints Set Priest, Riptide, Sharkskin Armor OR Ring of Nenya (For water breathing), Optional: aquatic ears.



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  500 | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: .85-1.15

Racial Lore

This varient of faekin are known for their beauty and youth, appearing even in life before Aloria to reach adulthood and completely stop aging altogether. Their eyes sparkle and gleam like the waters surface, and their voices have a high and merry sound. Though they can live to be hundreds of years old they to a human would appear no older than their Early 30s even on their death beds ripe and dying of old age. 

They are spirits of fresh water, aquatic in nature with five known variants; Pegaiai, the naiads of springs; Krenaiai, the naiads of fountains; Potameides, naiads of rivers and stream; Limnades and Limnatides are the naiads of lakes; and Heleionomai are the naiads of marshes and wetlands. Their colors depend on their home waters and range from human tones to that of the creatures that share their space. 

Many of these aquatic faekin are known lovers of music, song and arts valuing self expression. Most Naiad are female, and typically males of their culture, while rare, are held in high regards. The strongest male of a generation becomes the king serving as such for 100 years before a new ruler takes over. The King takes many wives and has many daughters and rarely even a son. Unless the son is the strongest of his generation he does not become king, but lives out his lifetime instead as a prince even in old age or when his fathers time as king passes. 

Typically Naiads have no interest in humans. However when they are seen by humans who are vain and easily captivated by beauty, Naiads are worshiped as gods. It is not uncommon for a human cult to rise around a stray Naiad and even more decidedly rare for a Naiad to refuse these affections. 

While technically scaled like fish often times their scaling is so delicate that it appears smooth and flesh like, only becoming obvious as scales by touch or when it water. They have elf like ears and the horns of nymphs, whom they share many similarities to in values and beliefs. In Aloria it is common sight to see Naiads living with Nymphs, or native water dwellers the Mudkyn and the Navali.


Horns of Quilin, Elf Ears or Aquatic Ears, Warpaint: Scales or Cowprint, Sharkskin Armor OR Ring of Nenya (For waterbreathing)



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  5,000+ | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: See Below

Racial Lore

*Because each type of Nativus is a different height, they are considered a mixed race making their racial size for combat MEDIUM. Depicted above is a Vayuu called Bryza.

The Nativus are an extraordinary race born of human lineage, their appearance however is anything but human. They have ancient lineage that stems from the Elements themselves altering them to be peculiar and unique beings. The birth of a Nativus, (or Nativi when referenced in plural) tend to be quite the shocking event to their human parents.  Many generations can be skipped before another Nativus will appear in a families lineage making them decidedly rare. Even when they themselves reproduce, their offspring tends to be human making it even rarer for the Nativi to reproduce their own kind. These odds increase slightly if both the parents are Nativus but even then cannot be guaranteed. Each Nativus differs based on the element they are tied to. Nativi have powers connected to their Elements, but usually have to reattune to these powers when entering the Realm of Aloria and its state of purgatory.

Vaayu - Air: Similar in height to that of the elves (1.0-1.15) making them slightly taller than the average human. Their build is thin due to their bodies naturally lean muscular structure.  Their skin tones are always pale grey to light blue, symbolizing the sky tied to their elements. Their hair tends towards pastel blues and purples, though it can be white and gray as well. Their warpaint tends to be white, pale blue, or gold. The Vaayu are free spirited and nomadic, typically wandering from place to place as easily as the air to take in all of the creatures and beings around them. They love people, all people, unbiasedly and love to hold deep conversations of the past, present, future, and of philosophical theory. All Vayu have glowing white eyes, to symbolize air.

Aag - Fire: Around the height of a human (.85-1.0) , with thick limbs, broad chests and angular facial features. Their skin tones range from orange, to dark red in resemblance to the fire they are tied too. Typically their hair reflects the color of flame as well, ranging from all shades of fire such as white and blue, to more traditional shades of yellow, orange, and red. Their warpaint tends to be a color that reflects their element, that their skin does not already hold (orange, yellow, white, or red depending on skin tone). They tend to be secretive, not opposed to speaking in whispers if they wish not to be heard by all in a room. They are also highly possessive creatures, coveting their kin and treasured valuables as possessions with the upmost greed. All Aag have glowing orange eyes, to symbolize fire.

Paanee - Water: Typically smaller than the average human (.75-.9), tending to have large, soft stocky features rendering them small, but broad. Their skin ranges from cyan, to dark blue with lighter/paler colors in between. Their hair tends to be darker in shades of green, blue, black, and cyan. Their warpaint tends to be blue, cyan or white. Their teeth are small and cone shaped, similar to that of a piranha or a leech, giving them a pointed toothy grin. They tend to be very agreeable, and often seek only to have a good time with little other ambitions. Sometimes they are referred to as Sea-Dwarves for their similarities to Dwarves who find them to be the most agreeable drinking 

Dharatee - Earth: Usually much taller than a human (1.1-1.25), tending to be large, muscular and stocky. Their skin usually ranging from dark browns, to blacks, but can occasionally be dark green like jungle foliage, or even gray like stone. Traditionally their warpaint is green if their skin is not, and brown if it is. Their hair bares earthy tones, such as brown, dirty blond, green, or dark green. They are often stoic, and bullheaded making them an extremely proud people stuck in their own ways. They can endure much pain and suffering with little complaint, and are unmovable in their ways of thinking like the earth itself. All Dharatee have glowing green eyes, to symbolize earth.


Aag - Glowing Orange Eyes, Hooved Feet, Horns of Infernal, Demons Horns, Horns Masterma, 
Vaayu - Glowing White Eyes, White Angel Wings (optional), RA fairy ears,
Paanee - Glowing Blue Eyes, RA Aquatic Ears (large or small), Warpaint Scales (Any), Sharkskin Armor or Ring of Nenya OR Riptide (for water breathing),
Dharatee - Glowing Green Eyes, Antlers 1-13 or Horns of Quilin, Hooved Feet, Cherry Petal Particles



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  300 | Race Type: Fae Kin | Height: .75-1.1

Racial Lore

Nymphs  are a woodland race, native to forests and other lush green areas. They have a heavy attunement with nature and need to be close to it to maintain their health, their very lifeforce tied to the health of the environment then inhabit. A nymph who is taken too far from nature for too long, will grow ill and eventually pass away because of the separation from it. This is a long, painful, pitiful death of suffering and anguish. They appear to physically wither away, their bodies gaunt, their skin shriveled over their emaciated forms.


Signs of the illness are a loss of pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes of a Nymph, fatigue and lack of energy, and a general sense of unwellness. When these symptoms appear a Nymph must be taken somewhere lush and green as soon as possible preferably in direct contact with plant-life. 


Sometimes Nymphs are so at peace with nature that plants, like moss and vines, can be found clinging delicately to their porcelain skin leading to the illusion that they are plant life themselves. This is an inaccuracy, they are in fact beings of flesh and blood similar to both the fae they resemble and even humans more than plants. They may even be surrounded by firebugs or butterflies, especially if they have gained foliage adornments, but in truth due to their pheromones' which are floral in scent. These pheremones are usually unnoticed in races that are not also closely tied to nature.


Nymphs like so many other fae are excellent singers, musicians and herbalists, often making powerful herbal remedies for various illnesses. In addition to being skilled potion makers nymphs easily pick up magical arts, thought those born with ties to magic are usually users of earth or nature magic.


They are adorned with wood-like horns, appearing as a large singular set of tree-like horns, or antlers, or occasionally  3 sets of much smaller twig-like horns. They have pointed, elf-like ears and are easily mistaken for horned wood elves and vice versa. Even a nymph who has never seen a wood elf might thing them to be hornless nymphs as the two races have many physical and cultural similarities.


All Nymphs find the unnecessary destruction of nature to be a sin, and detest those who would do so either on purpose or carelessly. Nymphs are often found in the company of faeries and wood elves. Most nymphs are vegan finding the slaughter and consumption of animals highly distasteful. Clans of Nymphs often guarded portals to realms of other fae in their past lives, so the idea of portals, second lives, and races of all kinds seem very natural to many of them.


Horns of Quilin, Horns of Yog OR Antlers2, Optional Attached Butterflies OR Attached Fireflies (Any color) OR Cherry Petals, Optional Flower Crown (Any), Fae Ears Small, Fae Ears Medium, Fae Ears Large, SmolEars1, RA Elf Ears (Small), RA Elf Ears (Medium), RA Elf Ears (Large), RA Elf Ears (Wide), Fly Insects Swarm



Racial Size: Large | Lifespan:  80| Race Type: Humanoid | Height: 1.1-1.5

Racial Lore

Ogres are commonly thought to be large, hideous, monstrous beasts, with foul hygiene, poor manners, and a gluttonous appetite. While this can be true it is not always the case. Never-the-less a the stench of a poorly maintained ogre is unmatched by any other race, though they dont notice it themselves and would be offended if you were to mention it. They value their land claims and their solitude above most things, and while it is possible to befriend an ogre, it is said to be particularly difficult. 


In legends they are said to eat humans, but you should expect that they'll eat any creature in their path that displeases or appeals to them, be it a wandering deer or a foul mouthed dragonkin. As skilled cooks, they're not concerned with the type of meat they're eating, and find a wide variety of food palatable. Mice on a stick are often a special treat at their campfire roasts, and an undisputable favorite among young ogres. The skin tone of ogres tend to be similar to humans, or putrid varieties of greens and yellows. They are not known for their intelligence, and can be easily outwitted and outmaneuvered because of their size. They are huge both in height and tendency to be on the heavier side of overweight,  making them slower than most smaller creatures. To adapt they have become skilled trap makers, and often work as butchers, hunters, and skin merchants. 


They tend to have large round heads which are mostly bald or balding, have large noses, teeth, and protruding bellies. Their huge heads are filled with mostly mucus, their actual brain being approximately the size of a potato. Their weapons and armor types tend to be more barbaric in style, featuring works of leather, various bones, and crude clubs fashioned from wood. Ogres tend to live in large one room huts, caves, or other secluded areas such as the underdark, tending to fill their surrounding lands with spiked walls and deadly traps. 


COSMETICS: Pointed ears, Small or Large Tusks, Admin Adjusted Scalers, Fly Insects Swarm



Racial Size: Large | Lifespan:  80| Race Type: Demonkin | Height: 1.1-1.5

Racial Lore

A variant of Yokai, supernatural monsters, demons, and spirits from the realms of humans. Feared and revered by lesser races who are dwarfed in comparison to their giant statures. They are a symbol that instills fear into many who look upon them, especially if one has the unfortunate experience of gazing upon their unmasked face. Oni represents the male variant of these demonkin, while Koji represents their female counterparts. 

Traditionally they are fallen souls who have been reincarnated into the bodies of monsters. Usually blue or red in color they have powerful muscular forms. They are born when truly wicked humans pass on and wind up in the under-realm and serve as servants of the deities of hell. Usually one must die to become an Oni or Koji, only the most wicked and terrible souls become one during their mortal lives. This is a sign that the soul itself is unfit for redemption. While they seem adherently evil these Yokai possess no true alignment and therefor are considered chaotic. 

Many wield great clubs of wood or iron, but some prefer traditional katanas. All Oni/Koji also possess a spirit bound mask to hide their gruesome features, though the mask is usually just as off-putting and frightening as their faces themselves. They are great tormentors, delivering punishment for the sins of mortals who are bad, but not bad enough to become Oni themselves. 

Most Oni/Koji possess unnatural strength beyond that of even a half giant, of which their size is most comparable to. They sport any number and variety of horns from their skulls, glowing eyes, and occasional a third eye in the centermost region of their forehead.

It is unclear why Demurga, Alorian god of death and pity favors bringing them into the realm. Perhaps it is a cruel trick upon the people of the realm, but this would be unlike him. It is more likely that he believes in redemption for even the unreadable. That all, even those cursed to live out thier lives as demonkin may overcome and serve some greater purpose.


MASK CHOICES: Yamatai Demon Mask, Kitsune Mask IV, Mask of Thunder, 
AVAILABLE IN SEASON 7: Great Fanged Emperor Mask*, Mask Lunar Demon*, Mask Bambara*, Mask Dragon Spirit*, Yamatai Mask -Menpo*, Yamatai Mask Momoyama*, Yamatai Mask-Kamakura*. ​

HORN CHOICES: Horns of Infernal, Demon Horns, Devil Horns, Horns of Yog, Horns of Succubus, Horns of Puthar, Horns 6, 
AVAILABLE IN SEASON 7: Ahpuch, Ishtar, Hecate, Tunrida, Mephistopheles, Cimeries, Samnu, Sedit, Azezel​

OTHER: Glowing Eyes (Any), Third Eye (Optional), Tusks Small, Tusks Large. 
Please note third eye and tusks occupy the same cosmetics slot.



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  50 | Race Type: Humanoid | Height: 1.05-1.3

Racial Lore

Orcs live simple but brutal lives. Hunt, kill, eat, mate, sleep, repeat. Most are driven by an insatiable blood lust, seconded only by their desire to spread seed and create new generations of orc. 


Anything that is to mate with an orc will bear offspring that more closely resembles its orc parent, regardless of the race of their non-orc parent. This has led many to believe that the idea of a half-orc is a myth, as all half Orcs come out looking more orc than not. Typically though Orcs prefer to mate with their own kind, only mating outside of their race to bear offspring with individuals who display exceptional strength with the intentions of bettering the tribe. Even in an Orcs somewhat short lifespans they tend to create dozens of direct descendants, a liter of orc young typically coming in twos and threes. Having a single offspring in a litter is considered a weakness in the mothers gene pool. 


They value strength above all else, typically choosing a patron deity who represents strength or war. In orc Culture you are either alive or dead, and for each day alive an orc pays worship to their chosen divine offering tributes from their battles.


If an orc comes into the world displaying weakness or defect that orc will be killed before it has a chance to weaken the tribe. In rare cases a defective youth may instead be banished and left to raise themselves. They may only return to the tribe only with proof that they have grown into a proper warrior. Usually this is done by slaying a sizable and ferocious beast, and dragging its carcass back to the clan.


Orcs do not adhere to many racial prejudices. Though they hate elves - after a long history of warring with elves, elves are only meant for killing - they will typically accept any into their clan who displays physical prowess or exceptional size or fortitude. Half giants, ogres, and Minotaur make common additions in orc clans, especially in Aloria where there is an abundance of diverse races sharing an afterlife together. They will also align with weaker subservient races such as goblins, and hobgoblins, which are typically considered akin to slaves. 


An orcish hierarchy consists of their patron divine, followed by the chieftain. All members of the clan serve the chieftain, with exceptional warriors, weaponsmiths, and armorsmiths at the top of orcish societies. All are expected to also worship the tribes designated divine, failure to do so bringing great dishonor on any orc. 


At any time any in an orcish clan may challenge the chieftain to a battle to the death in attempts to gain control of the group. If the chieftain falls in battle they lose their place as ruler of their tribe. In Aloria cursed with three lives an orcish chieftain may find themselves restored and return to their clans in shame, at mercy of the chieftain they fell to who may banish them or allow them to remain in the tribe. 


An orcish chieftain typically takes many partners. Though there are marriage rituals among Orcs they are not typically followed and it is decidedly rare for a chieftain to take a single husband or wife. A chieftain taking a husband or wife is a great sign of respect and is usually done only when their partner is considered of similar strength. In brutal orcish society an Orcs partner may battle and dethrone their chieftain so it is not typically worth declaring their partner as their equal through marital rituals. Orc clans are typically patriarchal and lead by the strongest male of the group and typically their partners are chosen in their worthiness to be mated with and improve the orcish bloodline. 


Orcs are a parasitic race, typically raiding and pillaging the hard work of others, claiming villages, possessions and taking on slaves. With their preference for all things strong, Orcs typically favor stronger slaves and will kill those deemed weak and unworthy. 


Because of their violent lifestyles Orcs have decidedly short lifespans. An orc comes to age earlier than a human does, and if they live to the age of forty they are revered as an elder.


There are many types of Orcs, though they have differences the key features of an orc remain. Squished, pig like faces, small pointed ears, and exaggerated lower canine teeth that protrude from their mouths like tusks. Some may have horns though this is rare and they tend to be on the smaller side, this is believed to be a trait of pairing with half giants somewhere in orcish lineage. 


 Red is not a typical color of any type of orc and baring red skin or features such as hair or eyes is considered a bad omen. Some more primitive Orcs are suspicious overall of the color red, particularly red skies or those who wear red or don a red warbanner. An Orcs blood is not even truly red, but a much darker shade of blackened crimson


Orog -  especially large and bulky Orcs with a long lineage of breeding with ogres. They are typically cave or mountain dwelling. Though muscular their muscles tend to be hidden under a healthy layer of fat, as many of their mountain habitats are cold and this better fortifies them against it. While no orc is particularly smart, the orog are exceptionally dim witted, and the most brutal of all Orcs. They are quick to anger but are otherwise completely unemotional. Their blood lust is unparalleled, most orog will kill for sport displaying their kills as trophies. They wear the least amount of clothing, usually little more than a loincloth, and display no affinity for ideas of hygiene. 


Gray Orc - The least violent of all Orcs, though they typically have no moral issues against killing especially in anger, they do not always seek fights or find themselves driven by the same insatiable bloodlust as other Orcs. They are the nomadic variant of Orcs, favoring tribal garments and furs. Rather than pillage constantly they hunt for their food. Still they often find themselves forced to kill faced with the same prejudices as their more violent orcish kin. They are usually gray, or bluish gray in color, their names coined from this feature.


Shadow Orc - Deep dwellers of the underdark, a plane of underground caverns. They see especially well in the dark, and find excessive lighting to be uncomfortable and rage inducing. A shadow orc will kill without discretion any who enter their territory uninvited, hanging their corpses in the passageways leading to their clans stronghold as warning to intruders and a display of strength. They are typically black, dark gray, or purple in color, and are the second largest of the four common types of Orcs. They will seek to expand their claims and drive out all other races from the caverns in which they dwell, absorbing their cities as their own. 


Common orc - Your average run of the mill orc, coming in shades of green, brown and muddied yellows. They are tent dwellers, often throwing together makeshift camps while in between pillaged cities. They favor leather and studded armors finding it easy to move in. They will live off their conquests until it is depleted of its resources, then move on to the next nearby settlement to claim. They are equal in size to that of a gray orc, the two tying as the smallest varieties of Orcs. 


Most Orcs prefer large, blunt weapons like clubs, hammers, and maces using their might to smash and destroy their opponents. The most common classes for Orcs are warriors, and barbarians and the most common professions are hunters, raiders, weaponsmiths and armorers. 


Females in orcish culture are often considered lesser for their slightly slimmer builds and less prominent muscle mass. While still expected to fight it is common for women of the clan to also be expected to prepare meals for the clan and its chieftain. Women typically rank somewhere just above slaves in orcish societies, respected for little more than their abilities to expand orcish bloodlines. 


Avoiding Orcs is preferable for one's safety and those with applicable dexterity are advised to flee when faced with combat with an orc. If forced to encounter an orcish opponent the most important thing to remember is not to offend them, though this is not always easy weakness alone can be an offender in the eyes of an orc. 


Similarly an orc in Aloria must learn to adhere to more common social practices and refrain from killing, as it is typically frowned upon in Alorian society and will bring unwanted attention and vengeance. 


Small Tusks or Vampire Teeth or Fangs | Pointed Ears (Any) | Fly Insect Swarm (Optional) | Night Vision | Horns of Yog, Tunrida, Cimeries (Optional) | Tusk Jewlery (Optional) | Feral Claws (Optional)



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  200| Race Type: Beast Kin | Height: .75-1.1

Racial Lore

What is the difference between a faun and a satyr? For other races it’s hard to tell as the two while technically different looks almost identical. Often mistaken for ferals because of their animalistic traits, this race features fur covered legs, hooved feet, occasionally cow tails and woodland horns. However they are far more intelligent than ferals, and often become scholars and record keepers.

Satyrs are known to be lustful and gluttonous, indulging in good food, sex, and even better drink. Some cultures considered them to be gods due to their long lifespans but like most beings in Aloria they are mortal. Males which are most common are also depicted as having a permanent, exaggerated errection though this is little more than myth. A Satyress, a Satyrs female counterpart is decidedly rare, but is usually know to have curvy figures that are a depiction of lust; ie. large breasts, wide hips, and plump bottoms. Due to the scarcity of females of this race, straight leaning males tend to favor females of other fae; nymphs, fairies, and even wood elves though they will chase any person they find to be desirable. Most Satyrs don't have a gender preference when it comes to their partner, instead relying on attraction and romance to find a mate.

They enjoy the company of goats, rams, and other small, furry horned creatures finding them to be peaceful and agreeable companions, but because of their similarities to goats this only furthers the belief that they are feral. They are not feral however, but are a nature-kin or fae race all of their own who are more ancient than any elf, orc, or human. 

They have a passion for music, song and dance, often working as bards and performers. They enjoy a good party, and become the life of any event they attend, easily finding conversation among others. They are known to be drunken most of the time, which can be partially to blame for their cheerful and boisterous demeanors. Most can play the flutes, lutes, harps, and other such instruments because of their cultures deep tie to music and fine arts. 

They love to travel, and experience the world and all that it has to behold. Many will go on a pilgrimage of adventure at least once in their life, going wherever their whims take them, but for many once this adventure begins it seldom ends making them nomadic. They are a nature race and find kinship in other nature races, like faeries, nymphs and wood elves. While most comfortable in woods and grassy plains they can be found almost everywhere, their furred bodies making them adapt for even cold climates. 


Horns of Morigesh, Horns of Quilin, Horns1, Horns 2, Horns 3, Antlers 1-13 (ANY) Hooved Feet (gender nuetral), Hooves v1 or v2 (feminine). Faun Tail, or Bull Tail (small or large) Fur Ears 1, Fly Insects Swarm



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  10,000+| Race Type:  Void Kin | Height: .9-1.25

Racial Lore

These solid shadows have entirely black features from their skin to their hair should they have any at all, though they are usually bald. Their skin is cold and damp, and appears to be only a shadow from a distance. The only colorful feature about them is their glowing demonic red eyes, that seem deeply sunken into their shadowy face. They are darker than even the darkest of night and their expressions while hard to make out are made to seem menacing by their haunting eyes.


Like the Alorian deity Nethros they were born of the void and may have haunted him in a time before the realm was created and have been a contributing factor to his inner rage as they are known to taunt and mock those they stalk. Being stalked by a Shadowfiend is a terrible thing for they will follow you and whisper evils in your dreams to attempt to torment the minds of their prey. They tend to fixate on a specific target and not cease til they have emotionally broken them.


Before coming to Aloria these beings walked the planes of existence seeing many things and places during their travels and are older than even the Alorian gods, though they are not gods themselves. Their presence in the realm was by their own choice, as they come and go freely where they please but once they arrive in the realm they find themselves stuck.


The only way to permanently remove a shadowfiend from the realm is to kill them 3 times, as their energies seem to respect the realms rule of three. Their presence is considered a bad omen, their eyes seeming to follow and silently observe those around them. When they speak it’s in mocking whispers, usually quiet enough to only be heard when whispered in one's ears. From a distance their whispers sound like static. Hearing a Shadowfiends whisper is unsettling especially so to the emotionally vulnerable can cause brief paralysis.


As their name suggests they prefer total darkness as it conceals their form, and makes them appear more menacing. They do not need food instead feeding off of the energies and emotions of others. With time in the Realm Shadowfiends may grow to desire to assimilate to society, though it is hard for them. Because they all look remarkably similar, a civilized shadowfiend may use warpaint to distinguish themselves. Uncivilized Shadowfiends prefer to be nude and unmarked but their civilized counterparts may wear clothes but usually only what's required to be decent as they too are naturally accustomed to nudity. 


OPTIONAL RACIAL COSMETICS: Red Eyes (Any), Third Eye (Optional, only comes in red)



Racial Size: Small | Lifespan:  500 | Race Type:  Fae Kin | Height: .5-.65

Racial Lore

Sprigs are small brown and green forest creatures with thin twig like appendages and sharp claws allowing them to blend in with and move about the forestry. They are essentially sentient plants and will sometimes sprout flowers from atop their heads, their bodies being hard and treelike. In addition to this they spout branch like horns, thorns and antlers from atop their thin, angular heads. 

The most remarkable thing about sprigs is their ability to heal and sooth both people and the nature around them. Their presence is considered a blessing and has a calming effect on those is their proximity. Like all creatures they live and they die. The sprigs of Aloria all died in their past lives, many from acts of deforestation and commercialization of their home lands. 

They are quick and agile creatures but are extremely frail and will use their ability to camouflage as a means for protection. Because they are great at hiding and concealing themselves they are also great listeners often found perched in treetops of crowded market places or beneath the windowsills of private dwellings curiously observing the beings around them. Their is usually no reason behind their eavesdropping beyond their natural curiosities as they are an extremely neutral race. It is difficult to sway a sprig into choosing a side or caring enough to act on matters that do not affect them. 

Sprigs prefer smaller dwellings alone or in company of other nature-kin either high in the trees or amongst the underbrush. They favor plants over most people asides from their own kind and will always surround themselves in areas of plant life and flowers. When talking in their native tongue they are heard in a series of bug like chirps and chitters, and speak very quickly and sound almost as if vibrating. 

Bugs are attracted to sprigs who’s natural pheromones produce a smell chemically similar to that of a rose. This is favorable to sprigs who enjoy snacking on bugs in their spare time, though they are known to eat other foods, mostly plants such as flower petals and succulents, which do not bother them because of their wood like bodies. In additions to their pheromones they secrete a sticky, sweet sap from most places that other beings would secrete liquids. Most sprigs will sprout projectile thorns as a defense mechanism when attacked or feeling endangered. These projectiles have a chance to release a mild sedative into their aggressor/the being who startled them. 

These small beings are mostly amiable, but may act out in the presence of fairies. Fairies and sprigs either love or hate each other, there is no in between. A sprig and a fairy make the most mischievous of pairings. 


COSMETICS: Antlers 1-13 OR Horns of Yog, or reindeers antlers. Feral claws. Glowing eyes (Optional). Flower crown (Optional). Fireflies or butterflies or Fly Insects Swarm or cherry petals.



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  150| Race Type:  Demon Kin | Height: .85-1.2

Racial Lore

Tieflings are often mistaken for demon-kin, though this is falsity and most would protest to hear you say that, though few would be playfully amused. Due to this misconception however they are commonly classified as demon-kin because of their very demon-like appearances.


They are a race entirely of its own and tend to be a mixed, but eccentric bunch of entrepreneurial spirits who branch off into a variety of eclectic professions. Fortune tellers, traders of strange goods, dancers, entertainers, brothel owners, their pursuits are almost limitless as they will do anything that can fetch them a fair bit of coin.


Tiefling prefer warm to scorching hot climates and are native to volcanic areas, their love of heat causing them to detest cold or rainy climates. They are often assumed to be evil by races who are unfamiliar with them because of their unusual looks but despite their visual similarities to demons they are not demons. Tieflings can have any alignment be it good, neutral, or evil. They tend to befriend all races indiscriminately, so long as the individual treats them with respect and not discrimination, though the more evil variety tends to only befriend those who would serve their greater purpose.


They love a good festival, especially if their is drinking and dancing involved, tending to be naturally good at performing arts like singing, dancing, and music. Tieflings are said to be extremely seductive, and will often try to sleep their way out of trouble, or into the favor of people they consider desirable, or threatening. They fit in very well among more open minded dark elves, as they are both particularly lusty races.


Their skin and hair can naturally be any shade or hue, though tieflings who tend towards evil are usually black, red, or other traditionally demonic, shadowy hues. In race cases their skin, eye, or hair colors will change to fit their current mood. For example a eyes glowing red when angered or amused, or skin color changing from one to another in a display of the tieflings emotional state. They have horns that come in many shapes, colors and sizes, and often have wings. Many also have demon tails.


COSMETICS: Smol pointed ears, Horns (See kit), Wings (Succubus - Any Color, Demons Wings, Wings of Yog, Lava Wings), Tail Demon Tail (Large or small, any color), Optional Hooved Feet (Any), Optional Small Tusks or Vampire Teeth, RA Fairy State and /Fly rank (IF WINGED)



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  150 | Race Type:  Humanoid | Height: .75-1.25

Racial Lore

Original draft by Arafel

The trolls of Aloria are a strange breed. There are different types of Trolls, most commonly identified by their varying sizes. The larger breed is known as the Mountain Troll, and the smaller breed  the Pygmy Troll. Though the two varieties of trolls differ slightly from one another they are extremely loyal to trolls of all kinds.


They share similar characteristics to other races humanoid races;  mainly the elfish pointed ears, and the orcish prominent tusks. For this reason they are considered a humanoid race, though of all the humanoids they may just be the most distinctive. Occasionally they will present with horns similar to those of a tiefling and always grow long, feathery eyebrows further adding to these distinctions.


Their hands and feet are above average in size, and bear only four digits each instead of five. They tend to have a slender frame with long, lanky limbs. This colorful breed comes in a myriad of colors, including red, pink, purple, blue, green, and grey. Like half-giants, they come in various subspecies including frost trolls, and fire trolls who bear traits and colors resembling their namesake. These subspecies sprang up out of their uncanny, innate connection to the elements- subsequently, one can generally find a frost troll living in the frozen tundra, and a fire troll inhabiting the desert or volcanic lands.


They are the friendly misfits of the realm, loving more than anything to live in large groups of their own kind. They are accepting and humble, albeit mischievous. They enjoy jokes, laughter, and sarcasm and are loyal friends, as well as skilled treasure hunters.


COSMETICS: Smol pointed ears, Horns (See kit), Wings (Succubus - Any Color, Demons Wings, Wings of Yog, Lava Wings), Tail Demon Tail (Large or small, any color), Optional Hooved Feet (Any), Optional Small Tusks or Vampire Teeth, RA Fairy State and /Fly rank (IF WINGED)



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  500 | Race Type:  Fae Kin | Height: .75-1.1

Racial Lore

Uni are decidedly rare beings, who usually live alone or in small family units known as blessings. They are Guardians to unicorns, their beloved companions. Both are sometimes known as fabled horses, and thought by some to be mere myths, creatures of legends. To see a uni is taken as a sign of good luck and fortune but because of this they are often hunted to the point of extinction in the realms which they are native to. They are highly sought out for their beauty, their magic horns, and their minor arcane abilities. Most can make rainbows, beams of light, glitter, flowers, bubbles and sometimes  even gold and gemstones shoot from their magical horns.

In realms where people age and mortality exists their blood is used as an elixir of life keeping the drinker young and in good health but causing them to rely heavily on the substance for if they were to stop drinking it for a prolonged period of time they would age rapidly. The hair of a unicorn can be used to add potency to any potion or spell and if taken the horn of a uni can serve as a temperamental magic wand, that works but is highly combative towards those who would attempt to yield it as such. 

While all are considered a type of fae Uni come in three varieties, Celestial (Good), Fae (Chaotic) and Demonic (Evil) and their appearance often reflects these alignments. To Vampires who desire fae blood above all others the blood of a uni acts as a sedative and aphrodisiac, causing the drinker to fall into a lust filled haze. For this reason their blood, which is silver in color is highly sought after. Uni are Fae, they can hear and speak to nature and easily befriend animals. (rolls required: perception and handle animal above 15 to succeed). 

In their home Realms more color tends to exist leading them to feel as if Aloria is drained of most color and vibrancy. They can see a wider range of colors but those colors seem to be missing in Aloria and are hard to describe to those who cannot see them. They consider most races to be quite dull in comparison to their own kind. 

Unicorns have the hooves, ears, tails and the horn of a unicorn. Their eyes and horns tend to glow, vibrancy reflected by the power of their emotions. When angry, scared, or embarrassed, all of which are strong emotions, their horn glows brightest with enough light to illuminate darkness. They can come in an range of colors, but are usually brightly colored. In very rare cases winged Uni exist with the natural ability to fly. This is a mutation that is highly elusive and thought after. A Uni who has wings is likely to favor pegasus variant of fabled horses over unicorns. 


Unicorn Horn (Any), Hooves 1 or Hooves 2, Flooftail or Flooftail 2 or Tail With Floof Tip, Fur ears 2 or Fur Ears 3, Horse Cock, Lava Wings and Black Folded Wings, Black Angel Wings and Black Folded Wings, Wings of Yog and Black Folded Wings, and Angel Wings and and Folded Angel Wings, or Angelic Wings and White Folded Wings.,  Full Body Cow Pattern Tattoo.



Racial Size: Large | Lifespan:  150 | Race Type:  Beast Kin | Height: 1.1-1.5

Racial Lore

(This race is heavily based on Native American lore of the indigenous peoples of the great lakes regions of North America. We have taken small liberties to better incorporate them into the lore of Aloria but tried to stay as closed to the original legends as possible in attempts to honor and include a diverse range of cultures into the realm, and the overlying plot of the realm: the fight to unify all races.)

Commonly known as the Wendingo in modern cultures, they are a being known to have many different names, by many different native people who are closest to the mythos behind this entity. Windgo, Witiko, Wentigo, and Wiindigoo, are just some of the names associated with the same beings. Windingo, their common name is a name from the Cree Native Americans meaning "evil that devours" and while they vary from culture to culture most consider them to be a malevolent, cannibalistic, spirit.


Wendingo originate from Earth, specifically the great lakes region of North America, the first realm to bear witness them. Perhaps birthed from legends, or from the souls of lost, starving people they remain somewhat shrouded in mystery. While native to this realm, like many supernatural beings that have grown to exist in any plane where people fall victim to hunger, greed, excessive consumption. Tales of the Wendingo warn against greed, gluttony, excess, and cannibalism. It was said that a person overcome by these characteristics was possessed by the spirit of the Wendingo and would eventually become one of them. Because of this they were used as a symbol to teach native peoples of North America against the sins of gluttony, over-consumption, cannibalism and greed for it was thought that any misguided soul could fall under the influence of these malicious beings. Remembering the Wendingo reminds us of what happens when we forsake the bonds of our humanity.

These giant entities can move at speeds far faster than that of humans, despite their towering size ranging from 12-15 feet tall. Their hunger and love of the chase has turned them into skilled hunters, ever controled by an insatiable need for human flesh, or the flesh of other intellegent beings. They are also associated with cold, frozen climates where food and survival are scarce. Due to this some Wendingo are known to possess ice magic, to control the elements to make regions harsh for beings who do not have the Wendingos natural resistance to cold. They will hunt and eat until their hunger is satisfied.


No matter what a Wendingo was in its life prior to being taken by the spirit of the Wendingo they wind up looking very much the same. They are gaunt to the point of being completely emaciated with thin skin that clings tightly to protruding bones. They lack almost all muscle mass and any fat they may have had in their lives before becoming the Windingo. Their complexion tends to be dark to ash gray, their mouths and faces blood stained often, but not always beneath a skull mask presumably taken from their victims. They take on the primal characteristic of animals with shabby fur, furred ears, a short tails, hooves, and antlers.


While often considered a demon or spirit of winter even these beings can die. Often from hunger when their is no pray to be found, or by conflict with warriors who seek to protect the people they care for from falling pray. Once in Aloria like all other races the Wendingo is offered a chance at second life and are faced with a choice; give into the hunger and continue their lives of cannibalism and taboo, or to fight their inner demons in attempts to become whole once more.


Bone Gnashers Mask OR Skull Mask OR Crawler Skull (Optional), Hooves V1 or Hooves H2, Fur Cloak (Accessory), Feral Nails Left and Right, Eyes of Darkness, Eyes of the Tiger, Eyes of the Succubus, Antlers  6-  8 - 9 -  10 - 11 -  13, Faun Tail, Fur Ears 1, Thin Body, Elongated Stomach, Long hands, Fly Insects Swarm



Racial Size: Medium | Lifespan:  100 | Race Type:  Beast Kin | Height: .75-1.1

Racial Lore

Yuan-Ti: The Snake people are almost always exclusive worshippers to Set, the snake God who seems to have a presence in numerous realms of the Multiverse, and is noted as their sole creator. Their close tie to their patron deity makes them particularly religious in comparison to some of the other races of Aloria.


They bear immunity to all forms of toxins/poisons, and therefore cannot be harmed of killed by them, they also have a hardy nature that makes them capable of eating food that others would considered rotted or decayed. Antibodies in their stomache are aggressive and can break down almost anything, even bone and stone, with the exception of refine metals. A Yuan-ti who ate or drank poison would likely taste it (dice roll - perception) but would have no other adverse reaction to it and might even pretend not to notice it.


They also secrete their own natural poison from a set of retractable fangs hidden behind a row of pointed teeth with may be bottled and sold for high price as it is extremely potent. Many would seek to milk a yuan-ti for their venom because of its high sell price, but you would have to overpower them first as almost none would do so willingly.


Almost all yuan-ti display a natural aversion to orders, criticism, and arrogance. They tend not to take orders from even their own kind unless respect has first been earned. Snake people are calm, concentrated, and methodically patient making them excellent assassins, spies and mercenaries. Being cold blooded they do not fare well in cold climates, and can even be susceptible to freezing to death if not in suitable gear or if left to the elements for too long. They are scaled creatures, with long snake-like tails, and mostly flat faces. They can have hair on their head but many do not.


Warpaint Full Body - Scales or Warpaint Snakescales, or Warpaint Set Priest, Snake Tail (Any color), Eyes of the Beast, RA Glow Eyes 6, Twin Futanari attachment, Horns of Yog, Optional: Aquatic ears (large or small)

AVAILABLE SEASON 7: Horns - Cimeries, Horns - Tunrida.

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