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Welcome new blood to the Realm of Aloria! We are a custom lore roleplay server with a selection of over 40 fantasy races to choose from. This guide was created for new players to ensure the smoothest experience possible when first joining the Realm of Aloria server and community.

Before You Create Your Character

1.  Read the REALM LORE, in order to understand the world you will be roleplaying in. The TLDR is Aloria is a purgatory where souls are brought into the realm via divine intervention after they pass away in their home realms. 


2. All new players must read through the RULES page. You are expected to know the rules and to follow them at all times. This helps ensure the realm is a fair and friendly place for all. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse to break them. Failing to follow the rules will be handled with warnings, or removal from the community depending on the severity. 

3. Familiarize yourself with our RACE LIST and AFFLICTIONS to figure out what kind of character you'd like to play. Each player may choose to play a single race, or a combination of 2 races mixed together. You are free to call your mixed race whatever you like while in character, but on your character app you have to list which official races from the race page that you are using. If you are mixing any native race with any other race, including another native race your character is considered non-native since beings in Aloria cannot reproduce.

4. Once you have decided on things like your characters name, race, and gender you should write a short background story on how they died before being brought to the Realm of Aloria. This application must be exactly 2 paragraphs long, no more, no less. This will be posted as you CHARACTER APP channel of the Aloria discord. For application explanation please CLICK HERE.

5. Load into the server by searching Realm of Aloria in the pve tab of the Conan Exiles menu. Make sure you have modded servers enabled in your selection options.

Creating Your Character

1. After you Character App is approved enter the game if you have not done so already.

2. Ignore initial character creation, you will have a more detailed menu for this later via the shift + m menu. Once you load in you may use this menu to customize your character

3. Ensure your characters name matches the approved name from your Character App. 

4. Speak with the MAIN 1 Cosmetics thespian in the welcome room to select your first racial kit. Choose which items you are using from it, and discard any extras.  If playing a mixed race please make a character creation ticket using our tickets channel in discord and requests the required rank for a mixed race, and repeat the cosmetics selection process via speaking with the MAIN 2 Cosmetics thespian, disposing of any extra cosmetics.

5. Press Shift + R to create your Roleplay Redux character sheet, selecting a class from the CLASS PAGE.

6. Create a character creation ticket using the create a ticket channel of the Aloria discord to request a staff member to give you the require rank to leave the welcome room. If you have already opened a ticket for a mixed race you can continue to use this ticket. 


1. If you are looking for roleplay in any season you can go to the main hub of "/warp portal" by typing the text without quotes in chat in game. You can also use the #looking-for-rp channel of our discord, posting with the form from pinned messages up to once per day.

2. Current season mods list, warp list, and other important info can be found in the #server-info channel of our discord.

3. You can check if the server is online at any time by using the #realm-status channel.

4. If you need help please ask in #general-help if it does not require staff and the #create-a-ticket channel if your issue requires staff help.

5. If you are new to roleplay I'd suggest reading our roleplay etiquette guide.

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