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 War and Chaos

"Wars show strength in those that are determined, while chaos sifts the weak souls from these lands."


War, Chaos, Power, Ambition, Boredom, Strength, Grit, Vanity,

Unrest, Greed and Dominance.
Creator of High Elves

Divine Four

Born from the void Nethros is the Alorian God of War and Chaos, and the oldest of the Pantheon of the Divine Four. His creation from the void was the spark that started existence, and created the cosmic plane that encases the Realm of Aloria. His powers are fueled by chaotic energy, a thirst for control and an almost unsoothable anger that can devour one's soul turning them to a life of hatred and brutality. 


Nethros created the high elves, and therefore had the most influence over them. He declared them to be the most perfect of all elves and gave them the vast plains of Aloria. Nethros made his elves to be skilled armorers and metal workers who could forge the best tools for war in the realm. He also gifted them with beauty, a tool of power on its own that when yielded correctly could start wars and conflict that a sword alone never could. Some of his followers worshiped him for his strength and the power they sought to obtain on his path, but many of them worshiped him out of fear under the idea that if they did not he would  come down from the skies to smite them with his wrath.


Nethros enjoyed being worshipped but after a time he grew bored, caring little more for the elves than he did for a common field mouse. He thought them to be foolish, small and of little importance to his vast reality and saw no better purpose for them than to use them to satiate his own boredom. He influenced the split of the elves by sending false whispers of betrayal through the dreams of the high elves.


It was Dothaman, god of secrets and wisdom who first saw Nethros for his motives but it was too late for the damage had already been done. The raven god turned on the war god, exposing him to the others and forging a permanent distrust between the two. Nethros stood in front of his peers to face judgement for his crimes against the people of Aloria, and was found guilty of atrocities against his own creations.


The others sentenced Nethros to watch over the purgatory of Aloria from afar, barring him from ever stepping foot on its land again. Nethros took no mind of the wishes of the rest of the pantheon. Instead he continued to spread the influence of chaos to ones below him, sneaking into the realm to cause trouble and lay with its people. In particular the god of war prays upon those who are naturally born of rage such as the orcs, goblins, and half-breeds promising  glory to all those who follow his path. Nethros is known to grant gifts to those that worship him and carry out his whims, bestowing upon them strength and grit with his blessings. His blessings do not come for free, for being blessed by the God of War promises you a life of just that, with war and death to surround you.  

The Alorian Pantheon 

A complete list of all currently identified Alorian Deities. Consisting of the Divine Four (creators of the realm) and the Minor Pantheon.

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