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Staff Standards

Welcome to the Realm of Aloria Staff Standards page! If you are reading this you're either very sneaky, or you're a staff member! Woo. If you are a part of the staff team, thank you so much for your help and service to the server. You are appreciated ♥ Please remember staff pages are PRIVATE and should never be shared with non staff community members. 


From this point forward you represent the Aloria community. A players experience can be severely altered depending on how they are treated by staff. It is of the upmost importance that you treat you fellow staff members and players with respect at all times. This means using kind or neutral toned text. Think about what you're typing, can you be a little nicer about what you're saying? We do not need a "tough guy/harsh" staff member, we need a people who will treat the members of our community with dignity as fellow human beings. 


It is very important that what is said in staff chat is kept private amongst the team. You are never allowed to share screenshots of the chat, or any information gained or shared there. This is a betrayal of the trust of your fellow team members. Remember, staff channels are our safe place, and we are only human. Sometimes we may vent to each other, or complain, and that’s okay as long as we aren't being malicious and attacking players behind their back, which is never okay. 


Same as above, but be sure to read the posted #ticket-standards in discord, and to say hello to the person you're helping. Try to be empathetic if they are experiencing a problem, they came to you for help. Please only speak in tickets you have claimed unless asked to join by the staff member or player involved in the ticket. Do not claim a ticket if you are unsure of how to fix an issue.


Most questions that require staff will come in tickets, make sure you know the answer before claiming the ticket. Its better to have them wait than to give an unclear, or incorrect answer. You can also answer questions in #general-help, but as we do use ticket this is not an official channel where players should be seeking staff related help. 


Most times helping a player takes less than ten minutes. The exception to this is with complicated issues that require a lot of information from the player, or feedback from fellow staff members. If you have done everything in your ability to assist a player and they argue with you or continue to dm you in circles, you may pass them onto an admin, or Mariah. We should not argue with difficult players, give them the proper answer in accordance to our rules and standards. If your passing on an issue to another staff member, keep the ticket open for them to read, or at the very least fill them in.  


We only teleport to players when asked; appearing on top of someone's head while they are RPing, or ERPing is absolutely unacceptable. We may teleport to players when given permission only or for other emergency situations, that are so rare I haven't even thought of any as examples. For audits you should only teleport to a players heat map, not to the player unless you have contacted that player beforehand. You should also never teleport a player to your location without their consent. If this happens by mistake, immediately contact the player apologizing for the misunderstanding, and post the incident in the Incidents log channel of the staff section of the Aloria discord.


We do not at any time allow arguements in our staff channels. It is okay to kindly disagree but its not okay to get offended by a disagreement and become inflamatory, snarky, rude, edgy, or otherwise a dick about it. Our staff team usually has 14-20 members, be respectful of the fact that our staff chats are a shared space and no one wants to watch grown adults bicker and argue.  


You are held to the same rules and standards as our playerbase at all times. Therefor you must have an in depth knowledge of the rules. If you haven't read them lately, read them again!


When enforcing rules only enforce rules that are expressly writen on our rules pages/info for important channels. If you believe their is a rule that needs to be added, bring it up. Players cant follow rules that arn't previously communicated. Also, not every minor rule violation needs to be a hard warning. Asking a player to stop a behavior without the mark on their records of an official warning is usually enough with most players. Problem players are easy to spot, so lets not treat every minor offense as public enemy number one. 


It is usually okay to delete these. If you are a solo staff member who is likely to switch out of their clan for rp or staff duties it is your responsibility to report your clan name to the team as whole so you do not get deleted. Other empty clans have had their inactive members deleted via our cleanup system, buildings should be cleared via pippi and if you want to go above and beyond delete their clan chat from the pippi chat list as well.


Staff are entitled to the same number of characters at any time, which is one main character and one alt character. We do not have lore characters, as they have never been used for purely lore purposes when used in the past and therefor to be fair must count as player characters.


Only the admin team is able to execute a ban. A player can be banned for having 3 official warnings, OR in extreme incidents that require a ban prior to that happening. As a privately owned community Mariah has the right to ban anyone who is threatening to the community, for any reason. 


May me made through the admin team. Their steam id, discord id, all past character, reason for the ban, and the players notes for their appeal are required. Appeals are voted on by the entirety of the staff team, with the majority vote determining if the ban is removed or kept. Admin members who were around at the time of that players ban may post notes when they post the players appeal.


Make sure you're up to date with the current standards from this seasons application channels. (Both alts, and mains). What is expected on an app is writen there. (Yes, no or discuss consent answers, 2 paragraph backstory, ect ect). If you have a question about if something is okay in an app, ask in the questions channel of the staff section of our discord. 


If they are abandoned individual items far from the clans main build, shift + delete them. We are not responsible for damages lost due to players failures to follow the rules.


Make sure you check off your completed tasks including character apps, judgement apps, patreon orders and in any other area where you see marks being left by attending staff members. 


If something is wrong with someone elses assignment, reach out to them and ask if they'd like to do it themselves first. Redoing something someone else put effort into  makes people feel like crap, and like their time was wasted.


All cosmetics per race are in that races kit, available via thespian in the welcome room. If they are playing a mixed race they will need an appropriate rank to speak with the second thespians. These ranks differ depending on it being a main or an alt character. If an item is listed as a part of the kit on our website but was forgotten in the kit itself its okay to give the cosmetic to the player. If it is not listed or in the kit, it is not a cosmetic for that race. Players should only recieve one of each cosmetic type, with the exception of horns (they may have two), the grims hooves they may have the naked and gold variants, and space goat tails may have the gilded and non gilded version. Duplicate particle effects are never allowed, if they want additional selection they may redeem them via patreon points or buy them from the black market.


We do not want to fill up the entire world with world bosses so that players have room to build and explore. At this time please allow Mariah or assigned staff members to handle the creation of world bosses and their loot pools, though you’re welcome to make suggestions if there’s a monster model you think players would have a blast fighting. 


Please do not make any adjustments to the economy, unless it is something economy breaking that must be immediately removed to prevent a huge economical imbalance. (For example a sell back price being too high, or the item being sellable for the price it should be purchasable for) This should also be reported to Mariah, along with any minor issues, or suggestions. Do not add new items, do not remove items, do not reprice items, do not make new vendors without communication. Basically, no touchie.


An admin or mod may spawn their own building pieces and decorations for personal builds as part of a way to thank them for their efforts in supporting the server. These personal items should NEVER be given to non-staff clan mates. If you spawn it you must place it yourself and destroy any leftover when finished. In addition you may spawn anything required to help a player, such as a replacement thrall if theirs disappears, building pieces if their build glitches out, or personal items if their vaults inventories spontaneously clear (which can rarely happen.) If you are not replacing an item, and a character is asking for something from you, please tell them to suggest the item in #suggestions for it to be considered to be added to the server as a whole. If they are suggesting a racial item, for character creation please discuss it in mod-chat or questions in the staff section of the Aloria discord.


If a banned item is found placed in the world it should be removed and all members of that tribe should be tagged in #audits with a public warning and a list of banned items. Please also log this warning in #incident-log. If they continue to place banned items they must be given an official warning.


When auditing a tribe for building or placable limits all members of the tribe should be tagged for the correction. 24 hours should be given to fix the infraction or to make contact with staff.


Nine times out of 10 the player who built first in a land dispute will have their clan appear in the clan lists before the disputing players clan so this should be taken into account. This is not always accurate, so hear out both sides of the story. Ask both clans if they have recently moved. Sometimes clans may have built outside of the render distance of one another, and then expanded outwards towards each other. Clans should be contacted in this case and instructed not to build any further out in the direction of one another. If you need to escalate a land dispute pass it along to an admin or Mariah. (Whichever rank is above yours)


We have a channel caused #incident-logs. Official and unoffical warnings should be logged. This allows us to search up a players history and keep track of their overall behaviors. Their is a form and explanation pinned in that channel.


If you witness a player breaking rules or receive a report of a player breaking rules you will need to issue a warning if the behavior cannot be corrected by asking them to stop, or if you believe the incident is severe enough to need an official warning. You are trusted to use your discretion. Issuing warnings is an integral duty for a functioning staff, you must be comfortable issuing warnings to be a member of the team.


Make sure the player has filled out their Patreon order form correctly with the correct price and remaining total. Check the point balance sheet, and look for any posts from that player that occur AFTER its most recent posting to ensure they have enough points to make the redemption.  Use a thumbs up reaction to take the order and a green check once it’s been completed. Mariah is in charge of tallying the patreon points log to avoid mistakes and confusion. 


Staff are held to the same rules and standards as the regular player base in addition to the staff standards listed in this channel. We allow one warning per staff member which is logged in the admin-cabin channel. A second warning results in a one month removal from staff after which you have the option of reaching out and asking to rejoin if you so wish to. The point here is that while we’re human and we make mistakes it’s incredibly important for the health of the staff and the community that we set the example by how we follow rules and present ourselves. A third warning will result in a ban, which is standard with all community members. We don’t want this to happen, so we trust everyone to act with maturity and in a way that positively represents the server. 


You dont have to log in every day, not everyone can. But to be a staff member when you are online you should be willing to do your part to help out. At the end of the day we need staff members who are logging into the game and available to help. If you're going to be gone more than a couple days, let someone know.  We will notice if your activity as a staff member or player starts to dwindle. We will reach out to you at that time to check on you and circumstances that might be effecting you. You will be ask you to improve activity or take a hiatus with staff rank and access removed until you are well and able enough to do your duties again.

If staff duties are becoming a burden, irl circumstances happen and your time dwindles, or if you need to take leave for mental health it is okay to ask and pick back up where you started later. We need staff members with the rank to be active but temporary removal of the rank will not effect your chances of rejoining later. We will respect your needs and honesty always

Make small, meaningful suggestions without trying to strong arm an entire world overhaul  all at once. Be respectful of the fact that a lot, a lot, a lot, of time has gone into what currently exists, and trying to rally for a bunch of change at once can be very abrasive. We want you to express your opinions, but not if that entails a list of everything you would do differently and why all at once. Its overwhelming. 

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